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Nonton MIXED-ISH | Official NEW Trailer | ABC Sub Indo

MIXED-ISH | Official NEW Trailer | ABC

It’s not easy being a Rainbow in a black and white world. From executive producers of black-ish and grown-ish, mixed-ish is coming to ABC.

In “mixed-ish,” Rainbow Johnson recounts her experience growing up in a mixed-race family in the ‘80s and the constant dilemmas they had to face over whether to assimilate or stay true to themselves. Bow’s parents Paul and Alicia decide to move from a hippie commune to the suburbs to better provide for their family. As her parents struggle with the challenges of their new life, Bow and her siblings navigate a mainstream school in which they’re perceived as neither black nor white. This family’s experiences illuminate the challenges of finding one’s own identity when the rest of the world can’t decide where you belong.


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  1. Comumn my ass it's a damn cult a CULT

  2. Next year there’s gonna be 20 different titles with the phrase ‘ish’ in it

  3. blacci$h a cla$$ic. $lept on it at fir$t

  4. WHAT ABOUT JR’s SHOW he needs an ish

  5. Dad: they r idiots

    "And I wanna be an idiot so bad" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Everyone in Black-ish is already mixed😂😂😂


  8. I thought she was part Samoan tho 😂

  9. Does Anyone have an idea bout the songs they played in this trailer?

  10. This show has never been funny or meaningful to me

    But damn it's like crack and they are making spin offs for every fucking character

  11. mixed gang 💯💯💯

  12. “You look like a runaway house slave”😭😭

  13. Doesnt black- ish meannnnn mixed or am I just trippen. 🤔🤔 on top of that 3/4 oh the "black " cast on black ish is overall mixed 💀 I don't get it . They don't know what black kids look like but can get correct and ultimate representation of what a stereotypical mixed kid can look like even though not all look like that . I hope they touch on biracial kids who pass for white and biracial kids who pass for black . And show how they aren't one or the other but both and dont need to forced to claim just one .

  14. Hahahahaha Is this A joke ? Is Mixed even a Race ? Those kids are all black and this "mixed Ish " is Rubbish.

  15. Rather make a series with all the words ending with the world ish

  16. Ummmmm, is this show going to paint half Black people as victims? Being asked "what are you mixed with" is so damaging lmao! I guess I'm missing the point. By the way, I am "mixed race". You just tell them what you are and keep it moving. I guess I'm missing the point.

  17. This could’ve been a three part episode. Not another stupid spin off. This is stupid! Nobody needs to know her story in a freaking spinoff.

  18. When is Jew-ish coming out ABC?

  19. When was being mixed supposed to be bad

  20. The actress that plays Santa Monica is adorable. "I'm too little to die!"

    We might have a future Marsai Martin on our hands…

  21. I’d actually would watch this

  22. Now we know why rainbow can't dress

  23. Broke-ish you should of gone to college

  24. Now it just got Weird-ish. Just saying.

  25. This is programming & conditioning the psychi in a terrible way. I'm not gonna watch this. Damn, what the hell is this? GTFOH…

  26. This is stupid… and another excuse to use light skinned blacks on tv instead of darkskin. This show sounds stupid

  27. U know they really want to do is Niggerish but they to afraid to.

  28. No matter how much the seed is mixed… Destruction cometh; No one can hide from the Holy One of Israel. Repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

  29. I don't understand, in Black-ish Bow's mom is much lighter than the woman who is her mom in Mixed-ish????

  30. The dad looks like cousin Gary

  31. No no no no no please no no!!

  32. Stop😠😠😠😠😠😠this is stupid

  33. This new show is already causing discord in the black/mixed/light skin /dark skin community. People are just arguing over colorism. Can’t we just enjoy the show without blasting each other. Geez😒

  34. Omg , they are all black jews, get it right, white is code for American jew

  35. Mixed race babies are beautiful

  36. How can I subscribe to ABC so I can watch these movies

  37. Black ish
    Grown ish
    Mixed ish

    What's next? Hood ish? Broke ish? 🤣

  38. In America -Hispanic
    In UK -Black
    In India – Bengali
    And I am not even mixed race
    Edit and I am not even one of them

  39. So now that we know there’s mixed representation, can we stop using mixed people to be the face of unambiguous black people?????

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