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Nonton Michael Jackson Tribute by Jason Derulo – Greatest Hits Sub Indo

Michael Jackson Tribute by Jason Derulo – Greatest Hits

Jason Derulo pays tribute to Michael Jackson in his performance of “Human Nature” on Greatest Hits. Head over to abc.com/greatesthits for the full performance. Next week, we’ll be heading to 1995-2000 with Backstreet Boys and Meghan Trainor!


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  1. where is this song in its entirety? He totally did that song Justice! Michael Jackson would definitely have been proud!

  2. Please let this child molester die already

  3. He try's too hard. It's like he knows who he is and takes it for granted… Idk can he leave the music industry?

  4. Please, upload the KIM CARNES' video!

  5. incredible performance 🙂

  6. My idol is Michael jackson

  7. I'm touched. Jason is awesome in this. I saw the entire video though, not a sniper.

  8. He did ok but no one can perform like michael jackson. Everything from the way he looked, the way he sound, the way he danced, his facial expressions, his body type, which was a dancer's body. He was just so unique and different. There will never be another performer like him.

  9. this is why they need the gong show back.

  10. It's ok, but he trys too hard. No one can do it like the king Michael.

  11. don't get him wrong. He didn't try to dance like MJ .he just pay tribute to him . bc he loves MJ.

  12. No one can do it like MJ, but this was nice!

  13. This is a hard song to perform, that including vocals! I think he did a really good job & did this song justice! Good tribute!!!!

  14. I totally loved Jason's rendition of our precious Michael Jackson! I only wish this video was his complete performance.

  15. why he look like the wknd?

  16. muito lindo sou fã do Michael Jackson e agora do Jason

  17. What a very moving performance this was!

  18. Touching and heartwarming tribute.

  19. I knew that he was copying Michael in the videos!!! Watch the "Cheyenne"! Total copy!!!

  20. It made me cry😭 i miss you michael😭

  21. he is so good …its really good cover …i like it ….but of course no body can be like michael …he is the king of pop and he will still the king …but jason not bad:-)

  22. OMG this was SO wonderful 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  23. He ruined my love for MJ's music

  24. Τhat sonofabitch Jackson I bet he is burning in hell.

  25. Michael Jackson😭😭😭😭 Thank you Jason Thank you

  26. Maschallah ❤

    He sing soooooo very good

  27. no one can do it like the one and only Michael

  28. Michael Jackson we miss you..the greatest Artist ever! <3

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