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Nonton Memphitz Acts a Fool Up in Here | Marriage Boot Camp Reality Wrap Sub Indo

Memphitz Acts a Fool Up in Here | Marriage Boot Camp Reality Wrap

In this segment of reality wrap, Misster Ray recaps the crazy and ugly moments from Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars such as Tara Reid’s impression of Dean May in a role reversal argument, the couples’ game of tug of war, plus freak outs from both Memphitz and Brittish Williams.

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Misster Ray’s Reality Wrap highlights the best moments from your favorite reality TV shows on WE tv, including Braxton Family Values, Sisters in Law, Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars, & More!

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  1. So all I watch are these little clips of marriage boots camp why the fuck is everyone always fighting in the kitchen

  2. Nigga heelllaaa GAY and I bet K michelle was right about his d!*k in the booty ass

  3. I’m glad Toya left Memphis bitch ass

  4. Memphiz seems gay… I kno k.Michelle wasn't lying bout him putting his hands on her…

  5. He beat k Michelle just like she said

  6. He's gay ass hell Memphis that is

  7. Is it me or do Memphis sounds like a gay man. (High pitch voice) #things that make you go hmmm?

  8. Memphiz act like a whole HOE!!!!

  9. Seeing this makes K Michelle clams that much more believable

  10. I can't believe she still carries his last name after all the bad treatment she got

  11. toya did go off on him a lil bit..but i really would have let him have it..
    there's no way in hell

  12. Didn't this guy used to be on the college show on bet

  13. Lol Wayne get him. Get him

  14. I'm an aries when I get rich I'ma look you up boo. I know we'd be a good hot ass mess together. But only if you blow down on occasion lol

  15. Dat nigga gay asf smh his whole deameanor tell it all


  17. What a little bitch made man! Reminds me of my ex. Sad case

  18. Ain’t no way in hell memphitz or any man will talk to me like that toya need to take notes from British

  19. I think I know why K.Michelle has a problem with gay men who don't say their gay.

  20. I hated seeing that scene toya smh I was really scared for her

  21. The fact that the other dudes stood there and didn't say sht when menis (yes I know it's not how his name is spelled) …slapped that food…. they all wack!

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