Home / BRAVO / Nonton Melissa Gorga's Real Opinion Of Danielle Staub Is Revealed | RHONJ After Show (S9 Ep17) | Bravo Sub Indo

Nonton Melissa Gorga's Real Opinion Of Danielle Staub Is Revealed | RHONJ After Show (S9 Ep17) | Bravo Sub Indo

Melissa Gorga's Real Opinion Of Danielle Staub Is Revealed | RHONJ After Show (S9 Ep17) | Bravo

Jackie opens up about her parents’ unconventional living situation, Melissa reveals her real take on Danielle, and Joe Gorga reveals his true identity.

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This season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, shocking revelations lead to shifting alliances, causing old school rules of friendship and family to be pushed to the limit. Teresa continues her journey as an independent woman during the final year of Joe Giudice’s prison sentence and decides to enter a bodybuilding competition against her husband’s wishes.

Meanwhile, Melissa discovers some scandalous secrets about her father sparking her to search for answers. Dolores has been questioning her life choices and struggling with empty nest syndrome more than ever, which is partly due to her distracted workaholic boyfriend David. After becoming fast friends last season, Margaret discovers she’s signed up for more than she expected as a bridesmaid in Danielle’s upcoming nuptials. When new housewife Jennifer enters the scene, she calls out Margaret for the scandalous affair that ended Marge’s first marriage, creating a rift between the two ladies that spirals out of control. But the entire group is forced to pick sides after Teresa rips open old family wounds. And newcomer Jackie quickly proves that she’s not afraid to go up against Teresa. However, Jackie finds herself in a position where she has to prove herself after Teresa accuses her of coming between family – the one thing that you NEVER do in Jersey. After years of rebuilding old friendships and forming new ones, these ladies are left wondering if their once close-knit group has been fractured beyond repair.

Teresa Giudice
Melissa Gorga
Dolores Catania
Margaret Josephs
Jennifer Aydin
Jackie Goldschneider
Danielle Staub

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Melissa Gorga’s Real Opinion Of Danielle Staub Is Revealed | RHONJ After Show (Season 9 Episode 17) | Bravo

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  1. Joe has had to many

  2. Joe acts like that to make up for his height lol

  3. Having Daniel on your side is like having Joan Crawford in "Mommy Dearest" on your side. You never know when she is going to go crazy and abuse you.

  4. Honestly without Danielle this season would be trash! One hour wasted

  5. What is Jackie’s astrological sign?

  6. A lot of couples would be better off if they don’t actually have to live with each other on a daily basis

  7. Melissa is a snake 🐍 🐍

  8. I heard Danielle inspired that Momo Challenge.

  9. Tre has never ever admitted her faults or apologized to anyone.She is miserable & it's not "your show"!

  10. Danielle is a disgusting hag

  11. The show would not be entertaining without Danielle. Period.

  12. I love joe Melissa sucks god I would kill her if she was my sister in law.Jackie the reason is cause they were in jail hellooooooo Jackie you said it yourself

  13. Again…. Who Cares!! 😂😂

  14. Hmmmmm was wondering after watching part 11 of the reunion. Andy showed like a min doc of Theresa& Joe and how they went to jail – what occurred after and now Joe incarcerated , and I wondered what went Thru Teresa's head as all these clips were being shown . She got pissed at Jackie for bringing up Joe in prison – yet Andy & Bravo just recapped that whole story

  15. Danielle got melissa in the show of course she had to give her a chance!!!!
    But 6 seasons in melissa thinks she is a staple so bye danielle

  16. Melissa ,Jackie Margaret are the bomb

  17. Melissa this is your clue, stay married to Joe move out and dont deal with Tre and her delusions

  18. Melissa no more cosmetic surgery no shade.

  19. Jackie's parents aren't the only ones who live apart while married. I have several friends who swear that sleeping apart – one husband has his own place in the basement, and another lives in an in law suite above the garage… saved their marriages, some famous people live this way. Helenna Bonnham-carter and her husband – the guy who did Corpse Bride – are married and live apart. They have two houses built right beside each other with an enclosed walkway between the two, and she lives in one house, and he in the other!

  20. I always fast forward when Joe talks…

  21. OMG Danielle Staub what the HELL is your problem?!

  22. Melissa is irrelevant. We only care about Teresa honestly

  23. I can't believe how unbelievably old school Joe is he reminds me of my dad which is twice his age

  24. In the word's of Madea
    Melissa sut down LOL

  25. Melissa thinks it’s so odd that Jackie’s parents are married, live apart, but still have a love and respect for each other. Meanwhile Melissa’s parents were married and her father took every opportunity to leave the house for days at a time and screw any woman he could 😐 causing her mother extreme heartache. Does Melissa not find that strange?

  26. Joe let me give you a man bj

  27. Joe Gorga is short, bald, not hideously ugly and lightly educated………its ok though, he’s a man!

  28. I find it so interesting when people say…."she never did anything wrong to me". Here is the reality of life….if they do it to others, they will do it to you too. It is just a matter of time.

  29. Melissa is very manipulative and causes a lot of trouble. I fast forward through Melissa and Jackie, I can’t stand either of them. Marge isvok but I don’t trust her, I think she pretends to have a good heart but she’s really not a good person. I love Teresa, Jennifer and Dolores. I like that Danielle is there because if she wasn’t it would be Melissa and her thug Jackie constantly attacking Teresa and I don’t want to see that. I’m sick of Melissa always trying to make Teresa look bad while portraying herself as innocent.

  30. I wonder what Melissa's storyline would be like without Teresa on the show 🤔🤔🤔

  31. Joe Gorga is a Beautiful stud Woof!

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