Home / BET / Nonton Megan Thee Stallion's Rise To Fame, Anti-abortion Laws & More With Guest Tarana Burke | Black Coffee Sub Indo

Nonton Megan Thee Stallion's Rise To Fame, Anti-abortion Laws & More With Guest Tarana Burke | Black Coffee Sub Indo

Megan Thee Stallion's Rise To Fame, Anti-abortion Laws & More With Guest Tarana Burke | Black Coffee

Host Marc Lamont Hill, Gia Peppers and Jameer discuss why Megan Thee Stallion got next, anti-abortion laws and more with guest Tarana Burke.


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  1. Tuned in! So excited to see the is show come to life.

  2. Love Marc Lamont Hill! He is back in his element! He is great with discussing hot topics and interviewing people. So excited for this season!

  3. So glad Marc Lamont is back!!!

  4. I hope this show lasts for a while. It's pretty good!

  5. 👍🏿♥️❤️👍🏿

  6. Will BET award Meg Thee Stallion best female hip hop artist for writing her own raps…and actually having talent 😯

  7. Show is FIre, please keep it coming. Also please turn up their mic volume some.

  8. Tarana nailed it. Listen to what is being said oppose to being offended

  9. Love Jameer and Gia on this show with Marc. I can't wait for what else is to come!

  10. Abortion is great cuz it keeps black peoples population in check. Never wake up black idiots 😂🇺🇸✊🏻

  11. I LOVE IT! A safe space for Black people and Black culture to breathe. All others are welcome but just remember you are a guest in this house. Wipe your feet and and have a seat ☕️

  12. We are never Replacing FRANKIE REPLACING FRANKIE BEVERLY & MAZE!!!!!!

  13. Thank you BET! "A safe space where Black people can breathe…" this is so needed.

  14. Music…it's entertainment. Yes, entertainment…..however….Lauryn Hill…Sa'Roc….Megan Stallion??? Ooookay…..

  15. Happy to have you in the public eye again Marc. We love and support you!

  16. …Great show!

  17. Marc Lamont Hill is back!!! It's a privilege and honor to hear and see his genius. He should have a 2 hour show. Much to be discussed and information for our people.
    Make it happen BET

  18. Yes Godddddd great show great guests

  19. Great to see Mr. Hill interviewing. Missed him. Wonderful segment. Keep on.

  20. Hope you discuss how most people having abortions already have children, often with the requests coming from the husband or male partner. Birth control is not 100% effective. There are other countries living under religious tyranny and moral hypocrisy with someone constantly making rules claiming they're in line with God. In America, let's protect our democracy and allow people to make their own choices about what works best for their families and health.

  21. Black women are aborting 1,200 black babies each day, six days of each week.
    Black women are killing 7,200 black babies each week,
    that's 28,800 dead black babies each month.
    Black American woman are aborting 345,600 black babies each year.
    It has been projected that

    How ironic black people are in the streets daily ranting against discrimination against African Americans, while never in the history of mankind have a people been so duped that they commit DO-IT-YOURSELF GENOCIDE UPON THEMSELVES!

    80% of the abortion clinics in this nation are placed in or near black communities, by our best friends – the demonrats. Our white demonrats so-called "friends" have built a ghoulish multi-million dollar BLACK BABY BODY PARTS INDUSTRY that rests upon 1,200 black babies dying each day, six days of each week. This profound outrage is occurring while we hear not a peep out of black clergy, black politicians, nor so-called black political activists.

  22. Great cnu Mark!!! Glad you are back💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 #SALUTE

  23. Loving this! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  24. I'm SO thrilled about this!!! And it's great to see Marc doing what he does best!

  25. Yes I love intelligent conversations!!…keep these coming!

  26. Marc Lamont Hill is foooinnnnneee 😋

  27. Lamont Hill got a new job.

  28. I take my coffee black! Congratulations to a real one. I think you're on to something big! Real rap from real people!

  29. If A woman gets an abortion they wont go to jail, the doctor will not the person receiving the abortion but the one performing it

  30. I wish this aired before 10 am so I could watch before work. I'm loving this show so far.

  31. Aaaand back to corporate America he goes. Copala Harris is your girl now, Marc? After the 3rd party, after Palestine, after sitting next to Kalief Browder who killed himself because of people like Harris. We all gotta make a paycheck, but out of all the sleazy corporations to milk for money, you pick the one that exploited black Americans the most?! Disappointing. It's not even lighthearted, you keep bringing old stale identity politics into this. Disappointing. It's like Boondocks S2 E14 and yall went to the meeting with Deborah Leevil, and only 4 of you are left alive. Except it's 11 years later. Huey must've died of that hunger strike, cause BET is still with us.

  32. Someone should've aborted her ass im glad its considered making it against the law killing children.all that's on the panel that are for abortions need to be put dwn

  33. Who would knock her ugly ass up

  34. Shoutout to BET for really investing in good digital content! Keep it up guys!

  35. Great job with the show! Love the concept, keep it going!

  36. Excellent show and content!!!

  37. That woman that jumped up out of her seat to protect Kamala Harris is the reason why the Police think it's okay to attack our young black girls.

    Choke them and body slam them across the room — push them down the steps — and slam them to the ground — and sit on top of them and repeatedly punch them in the face.

    This event had hired security there was no need for her to put on her Super Hero Cape and jump in front of a man who could have killed with one punch. I am sick and tired of dark-skin black women being betrayed in this masculine energy.

    And we wonder why BM are the first ones to say that BW don't deserve to be protected. And when they say that they mean the ones who look phenotypically black — aka dark-skin and kinky hair.

    So the narrative is who needs security when you have this black woman who thinks she is a pit bull. This was very dehumanizing of the DSBW. Stop praising her.

  38. Congrats to Marc Lamont Hill

  39. Ayo! This was good. Can't wait to watch the next one. Congrats Marc and crew. Big 👍👍👍!


  41. Children are not responsible for they're parents mistakes, they deserve unconditional love and respect. #prolife

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