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Nonton Mary Mary | Erica Wants to Punch Teddy in the Face | WE tv Sub Indo

Mary Mary | Erica Wants to Punch Teddy in the Face | WE tv

In an attempt to forgive Teddy, Erica hears his explanation for the pain he’s caused Tina. Do you think he should be forgiven?

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On Mary Mary, Erica & Tina go full force on their solo projects. After the heartbreak of her husband’s infidelity, Tina is determined to show that she and Teddy have come out stronger than ever. Erica struggles with a busy touring schedule, causing conflict at home and a new power struggle within Mary Mary. Tina vows to break out as a solo artist and take the reins and manage Mary Mary. With both sisters going their separate ways, tensions are at an all-time high.

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  1. Thank God for grace because without God we're a hottttttt mess amen!!!!!.God will continue to bless your marriage no matter who's hating .

  2. To say it isn't her fault and you cheated is dumb because you guys make us women feel like it's our fault when you cheat smh

  3. Didnt he cheat on her after this???? Lol. Damn and she pay bills too. Smh

  4. The man is a career cheater. And ONE woman will not satisfy him.

  5. really how you gone lame your sister

  6. I no my sister has her issue at least he didn't blame her what kinda sister is u

  7. Hell to the no I would have moved on he will cheat again he just love sex and different ways other women or what ever he needs to pray more and be real with God.

  8. Let me just say, "God WILL make a WAY, where there seems to be no way." It's not easy until you let go, place your full trust in HIM. Be real when you pray. God can handle our emotions and our sins. You only need to run to HIM and let HIM guide you through it. Read the bible and pray. GOD carries us when we can't carry on. ❤🙏❤📖❤ Praise HIM, Admit Your Sins, Request Your Desires, Give Thanks——- Then Listen by Reading Bible, Sermons, testimonies, Praise and Worship music. 🌟☝💞

  9. He remind me of Kirk just no good

  10. A man can have more than one wife so he didn't cheat

  11. Some people need a serious as s whooping

  12. I don't believe a word he is saying!!! He has no remorse!!! The only reason he came clean is because he basically had to!!! smdh

  13. I'm tired of these bums getting bored, get a job bum or do something else other then that. He basically just too mechanical and that's so annoying, he would probably sleep with the sister if she let him right after that hug. I understand making the mistake once even tho I don't agree but more then once is. Not love. Or a mistake it's a choice

  14. you knew your sister had her problems as if you was looking for reasons to give him. why we do this to each other as if we look to blame the women on some level.

  15. that's what happens when a Holy Ghost-filled individual marries a non Holy Ghost-filled individual!

  16. He was chasing after his fleshly desires.

  17. If this ain't one arrogant man!

  18. The only reason people who didn't get caught cheating tell their spouse is really to transfer the blame. He did that and she bought it and stayed with him.

  19. I know Christians are usually expected to forgive, but I don't think everything in life is forgivable. I just think that not only Tina is letting him off the hook but her whole family is letting him off way too easy. Let's not forget he did this multiple times and for years. One time is already too much when it comes to cheating but multiple times? How do you forgive that? For all we know he could be doing it right now as we speak. I feel sorry for Tina because no one deserves this at all I don't care how unhappy that other person is and I don't care how many times and how long Tina was away there is absolutely no excuse for this. If he wanted to go and so his wild oats he had no business getting married whatsoever. I have no respect for the guy. And I'm sad that Tina has low self-esteem and chose to take him back, plus she's blaming herself for this which is not fair to herself. He needs to get some counseling for himself because that is a sex addiction. I have no respect for the guy or anybody with a cheating is the answer to their problems or whatever I void they're trying to fill. And I don't think he is sincere either when he is talking to Erica. He's only confessing now because he was caught. I wish they had kept this private when the cameras were off but maybe Tina felt like it was going to break out anyway in social media and the tabloids so maybe she that's why she decided to come clean. I hope she's okay and I hope she does realize one day that she does deserve better as with anybody who's been a victim of infidelity.

  20. I would of smacked the black off of teddy

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