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Nonton Mary Mary: Cover Girls Sneak Peek Sub Indo

Mary Mary: Cover Girls Sneak Peek

Tina’s struggling with Ebony Magazine’s release right as Teddy drops another bombshell.

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  1. Be strong tina she need all the support right know tina u said u have to forgive so tina know it's your turn he really love u and want to be with u and I'm not saying he's right for doing what he doin but still and then teddy u a grown married father Man U 2 to old to be doing this kind of stuff ur not a kid and go be with ur wife and fight for your marriage plz plz

  2. I'm sorry but the are disrespectful to Mitch…

  3. nobody special we all have trouble with our marriages so you doing good keep your faith keep your face faith in God love you kids always love you kids

  4. oh my Lord! I hate to see Tina like this it hurts me because when she hurts i hurt im just glad Tina found it in her heart to forgive Teddy i love them so much #teamtina   #teammarymary  

  5. I hate seeing Tina like that I really wish this show didn't come back for a a second season.

  6. Only someone weak would stay with a cheater.

  7. I hate to see tina like this ! she was such a good women to him and she really dont deserve that it breaks my heart to see her going threw that situation…. I Iove you tina keep your head up

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