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Nonton Martin VS. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Which 90s Sitcom Is Better? | Black Coffee Sub Indo

Martin VS. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Which 90s Sitcom Is Better? | Black Coffee

“I Said What I Said!” Hosts Marc Lamont Hill, Gia Peppers and Jameer choose between Martin vs. Fresh Prince! Which show do you pick as your top show?!


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  1. Hands down Martin was the better show.Fresh prince was ok but corny at the same time….

  2. More black slang, colloquialism and even cultural appropriation can be attributed to Martin. #TalkToTheHand

  3. When you look at the larger picture outside of comedy shows, Fresh Prince was the better show overall. Martin was just the better comedy show

  4. Don’t disrespect Martin.

  5. I’m perfect to answer this cause I was a kid at that time. It’s the mid 90’s and Fresh Prince came on Monday’s and Martin was Thursday. Fresh Prince was more you gonna talk about it the next day. But Martin had you with the pen and pad stealing jokes for school in a roast contest. Martin had more sex appeal cause of Pam and Gina but Fresh Prince has better guest appearances. Apple and oranges! It depends on the day to be honest.

  6. The Fresh Prince hands down… Martin was funnier, but the better show is Fresh Prince.

  7. Fresh Prince of Bel air is better it has more problems that more family's and kids can relate to

  8. I dont understand how martin is funnier than fresh prince… yall is buggin, martin and tommy
    was the only funny ones & martin characters to me and that wasn't enough.. fresh prince had will of course
    uncle phil , carlton and geffery , jazz too much of a better cast, better guess appearances, more impactful,
    different social topics ,,, it aint no debating.. jamie foxx id more funnier than martin

  9. Fresh Prince had that Cosby feel to it with the rich family on NBC. And was about a talented kid coming off the streets who (let's be honest) wasn't really hood like that but just liked having fun and had to come live with his aunt because of a misunderstanding. Will was the wild card of the family as a teen basically trying to find his self. But when the show ends, Martin is already where will is going in life after everyone moves out the house.

    Martin was a Batchelder living on his own already, with a brand new relationship, a talk radio show he had for maybe two years now, and in a way still enjoying his wild life with his partners (no homo). Martin had to learn about respecting his girls feelings, he had to go through life being jobless, and homeless when his radio show was sold. He had to learn out to accept help from the people he love, he had to work from the bottom until a break came for him to have a TV show. Martin also had to realize that he didn't need to have everything to marry Gina, Gina was his everything. And that's why I feel Martin is better. Will always needed his uncle to bail him out to the very last episode. Martin actually grew up and kept it funny with the right amount of serious lol

  10. Martin hands down because we can relate to the Martin show in our daily lives. That's why still today no other show would meet the top like Martin. I still watch it like it was my 1st time. T.v is so fake now with these shows. I don't watch them

  11. Just be happy they’re back together in bad boys 👊🏽

  12. Guess I’m crazy I like fresh prince better I never really got into Martin like that and yeah I’m from Philly but still lmao

  13. Was I the only one who wasn't that big a fan of the later seasons of Fresh Prince? I think a lot of shows where the main character(s) went off to college lost a lot of charm that they had when they lived with their families. I think after the second Aunt Viv came into the picture, the show sorta lost quality. The first few seasons were GREAT, but I kinda fell off during the last season or so.

    Martin is laughs from start to finish even when Gina wasn't in the final seasons due to behind the scenes drama.

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