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Nonton Margaret Josephs Throws Danielle Staub’s Husband In The Pool | RHONJ After Show (S9 Ep15) | Bravo Sub Indo

Margaret Josephs Throws Danielle Staub’s Husband In The Pool | RHONJ After Show (S9 Ep15) | Bravo

The Jersey ‘Wives and husbands weigh in on the unforgettable moment at Jennifer’s Anniversary Party when Margaret and Joe tossed Marty into the pool.

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This season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, shocking revelations lead to shifting alliances, causing old school rules of friendship and family to be pushed to the limit. Teresa continues her journey as an independent woman during the final year of Joe Giudice’s prison sentence and decides to enter a bodybuilding competition against her husband’s wishes. Meanwhile, Melissa discovers some scandalous secrets about her father sparking her to search for answers. Dolores has been questioning her life choices and struggling with empty nest syndrome more than ever, which is partly due to her distracted workaholic boyfriend David. After becoming fast friends last season, Margaret discovers she’s signed up for more than she expected as a bridesmaid in Danielle’s upcoming nuptials. When new housewife Jennifer enters the scene, she calls out Margaret for the scandalous affair that ended Marge’s first marriage, creating a rift between the two ladies that spirals out of control. But the entire group is forced to pick sides after Teresa rips open old family wounds. And newcomer Jackie quickly proves that she’s not afraid to go up against Teresa. However, Jackie finds herself in a position where she has to prove herself after Teresa accuses her of coming between family – the one thing that you NEVER do in Jersey. After years of rebuilding old friendships and forming new ones, these ladies are left wondering if their once close-knit group has been fractured beyond repair.

Teresa Giudice
Melissa Gorga
Dolores Catania
Margaret Josephs
Jennifer Aydin
Jackie Goldschneider
Danielle Staub

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Margaret Josephs Throws Danielle Staub’s Husband In The Pool | RHONJ After Show (S9 Ep15) | Bravo

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  1. Can't stand Danielle and Teresa, such Jersey trash these 2 are.

  2. We Europeans can sit talking at a dinner table (not necessarily eating for the whole time 🙂 ) for 3-4 hours 2:50.


  4. Loving Margaret. Tells it like it is & takes no sh*t. I love her mentoring Melissa & her business too. Teresa is looking dazed 24/7 this series. Odd. She's normally much more 'with it' /present. I can't warm to Jennifer tho.

  5. Dolores ru an idiot? Didn’t u see and say that Danielle was a backstabbed? Oh no I forgot ur a Teresa follower. I like u but this season yea not so much. Have ur own 🧠

  6. I am loving Margaret…why bring back Danielle who thinks she is something special and create the fake friendship she has with teresa

  7. Teresa is a follower she can’t think for herself. Danielle is trouble!!!!! Don’t people remember the two guys she was always hanging around with, come on get real. All the sudden she’s miss sweet girl.

  8. Is there a contest going on with these reality shows do they give out a trophy or something, for who has the biggest boobs contest. 🤔

  9. Danielle insults Jackie, but at least she has a Law degree and practiced law for awhile. If she decided to go in a different direction after getting the degree, that's her choice. No need to be catty.

  10. Loving Delores very classy-and Melissa Melissa Melissa why are you bringing your mom dads life into it!!!!!!!

  11. Literally over I mean OVERRRRRRRRRR Teresa, she’s not grown at all… still the same stupid girl as season one but with better hair and makeup up like she has no Rational thoughts you would think after everything she’s been through she would be a bit smarter LOVE THE MARGE!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect housewives!!!!!! Funny real and over all good story to watch Melissa has grown and you can see that she’s evolved and I like that I love Dolores she can do no wrong love watching her story, even tho she is a yes man to Teresa I like her a lot, I even like the new girls!!!! LOVE Jackie Teresa should be sssooooooooo threaten by her, she’s pretty, REAL, smart! And knows how to use her word and give it to ya in a smart bitchy way with no bad word …… loveeeeee Jackie! And the other new her can’t remember her name but I even like her now, started not then she actually had some thoughts and options that I didn’t always agree but found myself at the end of the season wanting to know more, I wanna see her grow and I hope NOT like Teresa actually become a better person and smarter to… I like her. But really over Teresa story kinda was last season and a total supporters of hers but like I said it look like she didn’t have a mind of her own, and if was her point of view then ehhhhh…..

  12. Teresa is playing a game with all the other cast members. It appears, she's winning so far.

  13. "Your husbands in the pool" hahaha 😂 Danielle: "who threw my (EX) husband in the pool" The Marge so proudly "me n my husband" YAHHHSS 🙌 I think this couple are the best… Love em 🔥I must have watched this scene 101 times… Just Brilliant.

  14. Danielle looks like Franklin Teresa looks like an Oompa Loompa for the you guys know the movie I'm talking about oompa oompa loompa you do we got a problem to solve

  15. Danielle- The QUEEN of emasculation…Margaret- the queen of being loving- SURE SHE is emasculating. You don't know what that word means clearly. You should- your pic is next too it in the dictionary.

  16. That daniell woman is crazy, toxic to the show…please remove. Her she is killing the show. She was gone for many years..all a ok..why bring her back..out daniel l out

  17. A lady really Jajaja lmao…Daniell a lady omg

  18. I love Margaret!! Best addition to the housewives ever!!

  19. She pushes a gentleman in the pool…..lmbo far from a gentleman. More like douche!!!


  21. Mar. your husband's in the pool
    D. who threw my husband in the pool
    Mar. Me and my husband

    I live for Margaret, best line of the season!

  22. Danielle looks weirdly like Joan Rivers.

  23. Danielle, you will never be one of the Real Housewives, when you say you aren't going anywhere? You will only be the "Friend" not a cast member!

  24. Danielle is so materialistic! The girls build it up so much "he could have hit his head, it was dark" but he didn't get hurt! Get over it, what would you do if that man talked to your woman like that, or that he talked to you like that?!

  25. Why is it ok for Teresa and her husband Joe to attack other people, but it's not for any of the other girls to do it when their pushed by crazy.
    Danielle is no lady, she looks like a man now!
    Danielle has a agenda, she even said "attach" she attached herself to Teresa and is "Single White Female" to Teresa, she will want to wear her skin next, watch out Teresa!

  26. Margret husband looks like a little rat looking for cheese

  27. Teresa seems like somebody who needs to be flattered constantly. An adored child who becomes enraged if she isn't the centre of attention. It's all a bit sad – is that what humans are like with too much money and time on their hands?

  28. Teresa and Danielle are both bad actors because neither one of them is "Real".
    Fake These are not the same women who started out together. They're following
    a script and being coached.

  29. Melissa, Italians in Italy rarely get "All Italian" for their ancestry dna results. I highly doubt you're 100% Italian. It is usually in the 70 percent range. Plus 23andme has a Broadly Southern European result which could be Spain, Portugal, Italy or Greece/Balkan since that dna is very similar. Many Italians also get a small percentage of Sub-Saharan African. Nice try though. And you look like JLo because Latin Americans are a mixed race and will have Southern European traits (Spanish/Portuguese/Italian/Greek).

  30. standing ovation for Marg and Joe that cuntox deserved it! He's lucky he didn't get head butted. Had he of said that to Melissa's Joe then he would have been knocked the fuck out!

  31. So Danielle is sticking by teresa to make it in the show. You just showed your agenda for the friend ship Danielle.

  32. So Melissa's dad and husband used woman and seem to be proud of that fact yet would never want their "woman" to be used? Hypocritical much!! Both are POS

  33. My God the ugliness is from the inside out with Danielle, she is totally repulsive, and Theresa is like a mule in a badly fitting wig, and soooooo stupid!

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