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Nonton 'Lovers Bar Brawl!' Sneak Peek | Hustle & Soul | WE tv Sub Indo

'Lovers Bar Brawl!' Sneak Peek | Hustle & Soul | WE tv

Ana confronts Thandi about party crashing, Candice calls out Lawrence’s baby mama (Ana), and the new bartender, Jon Jon, tries to make Cola jealous… big mistake!


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Chef Lawrence Page is on a mission to elevate his hip Brooklyn soul food restaurant, The Pink Tea Cup. But as he struggles to bring classic soul food recipes to the next level, he must keep his wild staff in line. Drama, jealousy, power struggles and love triangles get in the way of his dream. Staff blowups and personal beefs put his business in jeopardy. To manage this hot mess, it’s gonna take a lot of #HustleAndSoul !

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  1. Thirsty lil girls who ,let the boss f on them

  2. My girl Lia gavinchy at the bar like yooo

  3. Thandy is still a kid Lawrence is so wrong for putting in grown up business she's not mature enough to be put in this type of Affair Lawrence that's not care about her well-being at all she is not emotionally stable

  4. i didn't know an open relationship was about a jealousy contest lmao

  5. You agree to an open relationship but no touching 🤔🤔🤔Stupid mf

  6. If you arnt invited and literally get told not to show up umm 🤔lightbulb moment girl your not wanted DONT GO TO THE CRIB like that

  7. The Twin Brothers Deserve Better Than the Pink Tea Cup.

  8. Ol girl a goofy. “Open relationship my rear end” 🤪

  9. The Majority of the people that work at this Resturant are soooo ignorant and ghetto
    The Chef included. Lol

  10. This show is ratchet i never seen so many women with low self esteem

  11. Funny thing is, Ana and thandi never fought, but fought Candace who couldn't fight, and they knew that… and Lawrence ugly asf anyways

  12. Cola & Jon Jon got feelings for each other but don’t want to open up about it because life

  13. What's the point of being in a relationship if it's open just say I'm single free to mingle

  14. I think he fired JonJohn For No Reason He Was Only Only Doing They Same Thing Making Sure His Woman Was Gud. And She Shouldn't Have Turned Her Back On Him After He Got Fired For Helping Her, Cause He Could Have Stood There Like Everybody Else.. but i so love the show.. They need to make some movies.. I already have titles in mind for you.. keep me posted

  15. How is it a hands off open relationship? What they open relationship only consist of flirting?

  16. Don't get your honey, where you make your money…

  17. This lroves now low and nasty cola is too lol

  18. Men can dish…but they can't TAKE IT. Lol. What is a open relationship??? that's an oxymoron.

  19. When he threw the ice I started dying bruh 🤣 like what????????

  20. This show need to go. And yet this Anna, wanna be Kenya Moore. Not happening girl you ans this ghetto ass show need to be gone 4 real. ✌🏽🤬😡

  21. Lawrence, you are a nasty disgusting THOT WHOE MAN, and nothing fine about your butt face ass. Nasty piece of Shit 👿👿👿👿👿✌🏽

  22. If this was posted a Year ago… Everybody has really glowed up in Miami😍

  23. These niggas are gay literally especially the main black dude he super homo this show is trash weird and trash I hope it doesn’t air still

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