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Nonton LockJaw vs. Yeti Sub Indo

LockJaw vs. Yeti

No one had this fight locked in, so this one went to the judges! Watch this fight between LockJaw and Yeti!

Watch this fight from BattleBots Season 2×3 (BattleBots Season 2, Episode 3)

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  1. Lock jaw got some canber

  2. This is like watching WWE but robot version wtf

  3. "Bitch hit there from yeti!"
    😂😂😂 what i heard…

  4. Japan has think this one 15 years ago with Anime called "Crush Gear"

  5. youtube trying to waste my life on it's recommendations …… and it's working

  6. I have fallen into the YouTube recommendation trap.

  7. Environment need to be more DEATHLY!…. Its just didnt give a punch to these taught gladiator!…. I suggest puting a lion or bear!

  8. Hey is one of de judges Ariana Marie?

  9. ten co steruje yeti się do tego nie nadaje XD

  10. Axaxaxa American games not bad nice Nike cool ))

  11. So who won? Why they dont show the results?

  12. Why would someone build a bot as useless as lockjaw?

  13. Just remember that if robots get their own concious this is for them the exact same as slave gladiators in rome so brace yourself for the robot spartacus

  14. Like si lo ves en 2019 (Latinos) 😁🤖

  15. Lockjaw team is smart
    Yeti badass

  16. とっても面白い!!

  17. Una de las mejores peleas, aj que la final se la llevó sairak

  18. another useless objes. . .

  19. Que onda hay carne latina viendo estos videos? dejen mg

  20. Adam Savage needs to be on the judges panel for every season.

  21. am i the only one who became a million times more interested when i saw Adam as one of the judges?

  22. One day, robots will tell us "you made us fight each other, now we rule the world how bout that?"

  23. I didn't know Adam savage was a judge. That's awesome!

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