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Nonton Life After Lockup First Look! 🚨 | WE tv Sub Indo

Life After Lockup First Look! 🚨 | WE tv

5 Love After Lockup couples face parole, restrictions & temptations in Life After Lockup—will they break the rules or break old habits? From new jobs, new children & family drama, the stakes have never been higher in the fight to stay free! Life After Lockup premieres June 14 at 9/8c!


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5 couples from “Love After Lockup” face parole, restrictions and temptations in “Life After Lockup” will they break the rules or break old habits? There are still plenty of firsts to tackle in their new lives together. With new jobs, new children, family drama and sobriety, the stakes have never been higher in the fight to stay free. Now that they’ve left prison, will they be able to survive the real world and stay out of prison for good?

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  1. Don't let Tracie step anywhere near you mom and dad's house she gonna Rob y'all blind, duh if she was so easily to rob you what makes you think she wouldn't do it to your family.. Tracy said all the other girls met your mom Clint said no other girl stole a freaking car from me😂🤣!! And Sara talking about how big Megan is sara basically the same size now as Megan 🙄. This show trips me out but I love the show!!!

  2. This is about as as real as my ex's new boobs…..

  3. Okay, but can we talk about how dilated Clint's eyes are?

  4. Anybody know the name of the song at 6:42?

  5. Tracy is my kind of trouble she won't last the dope is calling her

  6. Tracie and Clint look like the poster child for crack and meth.

  7. Someone's been hitting the meth pipe hard. Or it hit Tracy then double backed and hit Clint.

  8. The sequel that no one asked for … but the sequel that we all need

  9. Sarah calling Megan fat as if she's skinny. 😂

  10. I see Brittany as the biggest nastiest con of all of them. Sarah shows the most immaturity for being the "wife". Clint nasty little horny pervert.

  11. The goddess looks like shit!!🤮🤮🤮🤮

  12. Megan is a pig🤮🤮🤮🤮

  13. I’m convinced Clint & Tracy are both on drugs

  14. 1. Clint & Tracie: Girl, you need to hear the Rules of Parole so much so that you can MEMORIZE them. You also need AA and drug rehab. I know you're still using, ya crazy bitch, I can see you. Have you introduced Clint to your "next fix?" You still look out of your mind. You also ought to focus perhaps on staying OUT of jail and making your marriage work. Yeah, let's take your OFF PAROLE AND DRUG ADDICTED "Goddess" to Vegas. Clint's never going to be able to introduce you to his mother unitl you clean up your act. You're still on crack. It's so plain to see. Why does he keep using the term "relapse" like she isn't currently using it? Be a man, Clint. Be honest with her about how your mother feels about her. She'll either change if it's important enough or she won't. You cannot hide your wife from your mother forever. It's cowardly.

    2. Meghan: I still love Michael's mother but I wish she felt allegiance to her grandchildren and not her lying ass son. Bae? Even her friend is fucking confused. I'm confused. B's EYE ROLL SAYS IT ALL. She's a fucking idiot. You don't like "baby mom" AKA WIFE as a person because she told you how it is and destroyed your fantasy relationship? Go 'head. Hate on her. He's married. You look like a fucking fool. A fucking FOOL. B is Da Real MVP. Michael will never understand the ways lies and deception impact people in his life 'cause he's a selfish fuckboy.

    I am here for the shitshow. If y'all don't know about the Reddit/Livechat, you should join. We watch together and snark every Friday PM!

  15. I thought the thumbnail photo was post mortem

  16. Tracie denys doingg drugs but look at the whole ass fcking difference of how she looks. Comeon bitch cant fool us.

  17. Traci gain some weight get off whatever your on you look like squidwarth

  18. Oh and Michael wear a condom,swear don’t know what anyone sees in him can’t stand how he talks so boring just seems like he’s stupid nothing going on in that tiny pea brain also ugly as hell blah gross🤮🤢

  19. Damn Tracy!!!💀💀💀You look really bad!

  20. Clint looks like he has been doing Crack with Tracie.

  21. Mike will come to Texas as soon as he is done visiting Sarah. His baby mama!!

  22. What happened to the white girl and the dude with the missing front tooth? Where they go? Lol

  23. She gave her virginity to a fucken jailbird

  24. I hope Meghan ain't pregnant by the first fool that broke her virginity

  25. Holy hell….Tracie looks like sh/t! She's gonna run all over that crybaby mommas boy. Edit: ok dude, stop calling her a "goddess". Lol.

  26. Clint elf lookin ass is soooo stupiddddddd

  27. How does Sarah have the nerve to call anybody fat

  28. Lizzie needs to jump off a cliff. Please.

  29. Tracie needs to gain her weight back..megan is a thirsty stupid bitch. Scott is just a pussy.

  30. Traci looks liike shit sorry to say but thats the fuckin truth.. If I was clints mom I would nit allow that bitch in my house fuck no especially what she pulked when she got out fuck that..

  31. Megan your from my hometown and make us Texas girls look like homewrecking whores! He has a FAMILY! If he did it to Sarah he will do it to you dumbass!

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