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Nonton Legacies | Danielle Rose Russell: The Unicorn | The CW Sub Indo

Legacies | Danielle Rose Russell: The Unicorn | The CW

Legacies is new Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW, and available next day on The CW App:


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Legacies | Danielle Rose Russell: The Unicorn | The CW

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  1. When will you release on Netflix?
    Can anyone answer!?

  2. I wonder if any old characters will make appearances!

  3. Sounds like vampire diary to me

  4. Didnt rly like hope in The Originals. But after the first ep of Legacies iv changed my mind! This shows gonna b gr8 😀

  5. She is such a eye catcher. Perfect casting for Hope IMO.

  6. Danielle is Captivating 🔥😍

  7. Okay I really tried to be optimistic about this show. Like I really did. Yet they hit every teen cliche and trope through out their first ep. Thus I can say I wont be watching this new Harry Potter Professor Xavier take on Vampire Diaries.

    I liked The Originals because it felt grounded. It felt like regardless of what social class you were in life you could somehow relate to their life difficulties and hardships. It felt organic and real, and even though I did not take to liking Vampire Diaries. The Originals could stand on its own and surpassed its Origins. Now the fact that it was canceled for this is the most idiotic thing one could have done. Being not a lot of people will relate to this or feel entrapped by it. It just seems like estrogen driven highly emotional suburban children, and this isn't captivating to any degree. I just couldn't
    sense any type of realism in it. Even the Secret Circle felt more organic then this. The worst part is that some of these people are good actors and they were given these weird roles.

    Also, in case you think I'm being over the top. If I can enjoy Shadowhunters and The Magicians and not this. Then that is speaking volumes. I even enjoyed Teen Wolf . This show either needs to get a new Director or some new Writers because I'm going to watch at least 5 eps before passing full out judgement to give it a fair chance. This is more then enough to feel the tone of the show and see if it grows. Yet for now I'm going to say this isn't worth anyone's time if you like real dynamic storytelling with complicated twists. I'm just glad I still have the show A Discovery of Witches to
    look forward to in order to get over the loss of The Originals . This decision by the Network really let me down. Pfft I enjoyed even Twilight and if I could literally stomach that and not this. Then
    that is just really telling.

    Fix your story or you'll end up killing this franchise. Being The Originals at least reminded of the same great storytellings that Hemlock Grove and Penny Dreadful captured. There wasn't a week where I did not count down the days. Now I'm holding my face in just embarrassment for everyone at this Network. Being someone sold them a pitch that made them kill off one of their best shows
    for this. To which will now make it incredibly hard to bounce back from. Being for a second CW was killing the horror Genre in an amazing way. Now it went backwards. Now I have to rely on Amazon, BBC, and the SyFy Network for my fix and a lot of people I talked to on this felt the same exact way.

    Like I said really like the actors. Just not the direction. Being if given more realistic roles this show can be a gem. If you want a Teen Show just think of Teen Wolf mixed with Secret Circle .
    Doesn't have to be hardcore to be enjoyable. Just try to make it enjoyable for at least everyone and not a certain demographic. To which is why the Originals surpassed The Vampire Diaries in ratings.

  8. Hope love interest can possibly be a part of the Salvatore line in some form. Damon and Elena? which explains why he can't be compelled because of the cure. Or better yet if he's somehow related to Katherine I would die.

  9. It is ridiculous for anyone to judge the show negatively after 1 episode.

  10. A spin off of a spin off …great

  11. 0:28 with that look she looks like Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlett Witch

  12. Such a Great Actress. Anyone that claims she ain't is an idiot.

  13. What is it with the CW and Unicorns?

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