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Nonton Lawsuits & Litigations | Braxton Family Values | WE tv Sub Indo

Lawsuits & Litigations | Braxton Family Values | WE tv

Towanda explains her decision to take legal action against Vince without talking to Tamar first.


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The tight-knit Braxton sisters, Grammy-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar, and their headstrong mother, Evelyn Braxton, share an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos.

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  1. Tamar doesn't tell her sisters when she gets ready to front them out on National TV, in interviews or any where else, she just does it smacking her lips thinking she's cute doing that to them. Why Towanda can't do the exact same thing Tamar does to them? Why does Towanda now needs to ask Tamar for permission or discuss anything with her when Tamar doesn't even pay them that same courtesy? I don't understand. I don't feel sorry for Tamar cause Tamar is the author or her own drama… good or bad trying to always get attention one way or the other!

  2. Tamar didn't speak to them when she and her husband stole her sister's money.

  3. Trina’s voice is sooooo annoying!!

  4. If she cant talk to her by phone pop up at her house hell u been trying to call or write ass a letter you tried to do right by calling she not picking ☝ than theres other ways i get it thats your sister & wrong is wrong

  5. To do this while she’s in the middle of a hard divorce is messed up. It’s like Manwanda is trying to stick it to her own sister while in the middle of such a difficult decision is fucked up and makes it hard to believe that Manwanda isn’t jealous and trying too purposely increase the stress. She could have waited until after this has settled. She knows just how harsh, crushing, and difficult divorce is and she would rush to do this now? What a bitch and an ugly one at that.

  6. What I don't get is how you want to take Vince to court but didn't want to fight Andre in court this is why I don't like her.

  7. It just seems like the entire family tip toes around Tamar and Vince. Wrong is wrong……I mean what are they suppose to do if Tamar won't speak to them?! It just seems like the bulk of the family drama is Tamar and Vince. Besides, Ta-monster should be happy she has sisters to turn to because not everyone has that.

  8. This is my dilemma with this whole situation……….Tamar may be a lot of things, but malicious is not one of them. She has commented on their relationships and has said some off tha wall shit. But what they are doing is full of ill intent. They are purposely trying to hurt Tamar and that is just wrong.

  9. why one second its i haven't spoken to tamar but every other second its tamar just called me yesterday and tamar just texted me asking me to google somewhere. every interview its we just talked but on the show i haven't seen or heard from?

  10. I don't feel sorry for Tamar she can dish it but can't take it. She talked shit about all of their husbands.

  11. Why wait this long to sue 💁🏾 bogus

  12. trina use your real voice that one is Annoying. 😒😒😒

  13. Towanda is the real wanta be

  14. Is the sister in a blue dress a Braxton too?

  15. Trina and that " abouut" 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Towanda will take u too court she has the right .

  17. I stopped watching this show because of Tamar, why has the family allowed crazy Tamar to behave as she does?!

  18. Towabda is messy ass hell all the time

  19. Tamar is beautiful but she still aCts like the BaBy!

  20. Ms E acts likt you dont like Tracey. Watch how she treats her. Then watch the way she treats the others. Ms E she is your daughter too. I understand Tracey now. They leave her out. They should be ashamed. From toni to tarmar ev3n the mom.

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