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Nonton Katy Keene | First Look Teaser | The CW Sub Indo

Katy Keene | First Look Teaser | The CW

Katy Keene is coming soon to The CW! Stream free only on The CW App.


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Katy Keene | First Look Teaser | The CW

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  1. MDM: Don't mess up, Don't mess up. Be the good Archie comic show that the last two have been.

  2. So no murder or witch craft? Just a girl and her friends enjoying life in the city?

  3. aren't spin offs for when shows are over

  4. Looks interesting just like the new Nancy Drew series. Just hope they don't end up with trash like Riverdale in the end

  5. This series should have been a 'Josie & the Pussycats' redo. The musical dramedy theme really fits this. Most of the side characters from the Josie comics is here (Pepper, the Cabots, etc). Too bad, Valerie & Melody were excluded. And yeah, i think Josie will definitely be sidelined by the mere fact of its show's title

  6. I'm so excited for this show

  7. I feel like they got the idea for this from the carrie diaries

  8. I really hope this show doesn’t disappoint. I loved Katy Keene and her fashion as a kid. Don’t screw it up CW!!! Ps. This trailer was crap.

  9. Yaaaas Josie! Good for her for getting out of that creepy little town of Riverdale and shining bright in New York City! We love character development!

  10. Someone knows what the name of the song is or is part of the series.

  11. I thought this was given for Josie, as in she would be the lead since it’s a Riverdale spin-off. Why does it seem like she’s being pushed to the side again?

  12. I'm really glad they actually are filming this in NYC rather than Vancouver-NYC. Feels more real. And like Danny Nix says – def giving me a GG vibe.

  13. Is this going to be in Netflix too???

  14. Only this show can survive cancellation if it have season 1 riverdale writing to it.

  15. Wow Lucy Hale staying with CW now.

  16. I'm just here for zane Holtz

  17. Isn't this supposed to take place in the 40s so how can Josie be there

  18. I hope this is nt short lived like Life Sentence which I liked & love Lucy Hale!

  19. As much as I love Lucy I just can't imagine her as Katy Keene

  20. this is my type of show, looks a little like Fame (2009)!

  21. Great video! Always keep creating excellent content and you'll grow rapidly! Subscribe to our channel and we shall subscribe to your channel!

  22. I didn’t love Josie enough on Riverdale to want to watch this…I love Lucy Hale though so I’ll probably give it a chance. Feels very “Carrie Diaries”!

  23. Looks really good. And I love Lucy Hale♥️💚

  24. It looks okay, I’ll probably watch. But this wasn’t much of a preview.

  25. They should have made josie and the pussycats instead…

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