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Nonton Jumpstarting Creativity – Show Name Sub Indo

Jumpstarting Creativity – Show Name

Scene from black-ish Season 4, Episode 15 “White Breakfast”


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  1. That teacher was me as a teacher though haha.

  2. damn, those eyes are huntlly hepnotic.

  3. Look at his Steve jobs outfit😂😂

  4. why do they look like 2012 kpop idols😂😂

  5. "are you?"😂
    and Dre is proud of her!😂😂❤️😂😂
    I would have been dead.

  6. Dre is a terrible father

  7. Why did they dress him up like Boy George?

  8. “Show Name”? 😂😂😂😂

  9. I wish their hair was like this

  10. She kinda look like rihanna

  11. I first I thought she was China Ann McLane for an Ant farm

  12. Why do the look like will Smith kids

  13. Get rid of this stupid racist show!

  14. Lol the teacher's reaction is me

  15. He dressed like Steve jobs talking about creating shit 😒people jobs ripped off evey one

  16. Her hair!!!! Yyyeessss. Lol so cute.

  17. Black Free thinkers are just gay but won't admit to it or hippys

  18. Will smiths kids and Steve Jobs?

  19. I love her hair go girl

  20. Ya’ll cannot tell me that they do not look lit this way. 😎

  21. "How come we're not reading novels written by Dead Dogs". Finally a show that respects the minority of Dead Dogs.

  22. Did anybody notice the show name wasnt on it was literally show name

  23. When they forget to fill in the "Show Name" tab

  24. 0:20 Dre really dress as Steve jobs

  25. If that teacher ain’t me 😭

  26. Jacks hairstyle suits him ngl

  27. Said no black parents ever, them kids would of been getting they asses beat

  28. 1:01 when keeping it real GOES WRONG

  29. Teacher:Are y’all on drugs?
    Diana: Are you in drugs?
    Teacher: y’all making me wanna do drugs again if I’m being real with y’all

  30. I love the way he's wearing a turtleneck, is this show trolling Elizabeth holmes?

  31. I don’t smoke but same teach

  32. They look like kpop stars

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