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Nonton Jeremy Meeks Made The Switch From Criminal To Legit Money + HUGE $4K GIVEAWAY! | Blew A Bag Sub Indo

Jeremy Meeks Made The Switch From Criminal To Legit Money + HUGE $4K GIVEAWAY! | Blew A Bag

Jeremy Meeks a.k.a #PrisonBae explains how he went from taking mugshots to taking real photoshoot shots after his mugshot went viral. He also goes into how the bags he blows is different now that he’s rich.


Here’s your chance to win a bag — a $4,000 bag, to be exact! Enter the Blew A Bag $4K Sweepstakes here:

Illustrations by Stephen Palladino, @goodandshiddy


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  1. Lol 1.3 mil views and all these hating comments be happy for that man

  2. Be inspired get motivated the hating wont get any of you anywhere trust me

  3. Shit if I was his wife I'd be telling him to leave me for a billionaire for the sake of our entire family now and to come

  4. “I ain’t proud of it.” grins widely

  5. I don’t find him attractive. He’s creepy.

  6. He low-key looks like a cool dude like he is not flexin he is showing how much he appreciates the life he lives


  8. Bet you he didn’t invest anything and is gonna get fucked on taxes

  9. This is what being good looking gets you people. Anytime someone says "lOoKz dOnT MAtTeR", tell them about this.

  10. Sitting here reading all these comments about how fine he is. I must be the only one who doesn’t think he’s cute at all, especially when he begins to talk.

  11. he doesn't look so handsome to me anymore

  12. He reached backed and helped people… that’s great

  13. Yes at least he takes care of his kids…. That is admirable…. He owns up- men like this make me smile. 😊

  14. Jeremy meeks is one of the most successful supermodel on planet earth.

  15. $170k in 4 hours? Daammnnn

  16. He should've never spoken

  17. Ok so why am I in grad school

  18. going to be broke as hell when he starts getting old and ugly.

  19. You left your family. You’re nothing but trash 🗑

  20. Bro is lying on his figures.

  21. A lot of negative comments for someone that charged there life

  22. I know you left you left your wife and your children that’s the only reason how I knew you

  23. Please watch this video been chasing our pockets since 1954

  24. Im calling BULLSHIT!! This dude aint get no $180K for a music video! That shit sound wayyy too far fetched to me.. If he did, I aint mad at him but thats sounds wildly unrealistic

  25. So many comments saying he’s superficial but he explained multiple times he’s helped others out financially. Y’all glass half empty people.

  26. Dont see anything wrong with this video, he was very honest in this video

  27. Gotta have a game plan….. getting locked up and getting insta famous because you have different eyes was your game plan?? This guy sounds ignorant af

  28. Ayo my guy said 27 months close to 10 and a half years tf?? 😂😂

  29. This is the dude with the muscular face but weirdly proportioned body

  30. This was amusing lol … it pays to be pretty… people hating on him are only hating because he’s good looking and is making a lot of money… when uglies have to work 40 hour work weeks and have little to show for it… 🤷🏾‍♀️ he really needs to make better money moves though… buy a business, invest in some companies… get the residual ….

  31. @3:20 he says $180,000.00
    @3:28 he says $170,00.00
    @3:33 he says $170,00.00

    So what is it? Actually, hold up… i dont even care, just want him to get the story straight!

  32. It's easier to fit a camel thru a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven- Jesus Christ

  33. This guy is so well spoken for a criminal

  34. i wonder how the family of the kid he beat up feels lol

  35. Nobody gives a shit about how much money you blow the man who can't take care of his family is a coward man you should be ashamed of yourself.

  36. Even his cockiness is sexy!

  37. He is probably one of the most goodlooking guys on earth and I'm a straight male.

  38. He is not attractive…more attractive in his mugshot. Looks like a version of handsome Squidward Tentacles but uglier.

  39. People won't like to hear reality until they live it

  40. It’s actually amazing that he went so long without being discovered! He isn’t just somebody that’s changed his life, he generally has an incredible look!

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