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Nonton Jennifer Hudson Sings “The Jeffersons” Theme Song – Live In Front Of A Studio Audience Sub Indo

Jennifer Hudson Sings “The Jeffersons” Theme Song – Live In Front Of A Studio Audience

Jennifer Hudson sings “The Jeffersons” theme song during Live In Front Of A Studio Audience.


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  1. She's moving in the right direction.

  2. she's good, but can't nobody touch the original singer Ja'Net ( Willona ) BuDois from Good Times!😍🤗😘

  3. Amazing singer, but I am just not sure she's the right match for the Aretha movie. Aretha had a VERY different voice/range. That's all I am saying. I am sure J-Hud will give it 100%.

  4. The live episode was pretty dope!

  5. Somebody in the comment section said that J-Hud is too dark to portray Aretha Frankin in a biopic. They don't know how Hollywood work. Look at Denzel when he played Malcolm X. He wasn't the same complexion as Malcolm. Malcolm was light skinned with red hair. That's why they called him red. J-Hud sometimes wears makeup that makes her look lighter. She would be good for the role.

  6. As a little white boy who grew up with this show, Good Times, Diff’rent Strokes, 227 & others this brought a flood of great memories. Great sets & costumes, they even got the ashtray next to the elevator! Jennifer rocked that afro!!!!

  7. Wow…the audience was clapping on the right beat!

  8. Only Jennifer could pull this song off..

  9. How do 344 people not like this? I’m each to there own but damn.

  10. Tout se qui loin decouvert dans dreams girls la IVe le doigt

  11. Isn’t tryin’ pronounced “TUR-RYE-IIIIN’” on this song? Good performance.

  12. nah. can't mess with the original.

  13. I see throu different lenses and all i can do is smh😢

  14. Dave Chappelle brought me here to the song- Chappelle’s Show- the Time Haters skit 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯That’s where said the song

  15. I'll fuck da shii out of Jennifer Hudson

  16. Jennifer Hudson can make rock a bye baby sound like a HIT!!!!

  17. Jennifer Hudson is awesome!!

  18. Beautiful and talented!

  19. I loved her ever since dreamgirls

  20. She always thinks Vibrato is needed for EVERY song and I see Jimmy Kimmel is still an over dramatic twerp.

  21. Never heard of her….Why didn't they get Ja'net DuBois

  22. It was so fitting to allow j-hud to do this introduction I was wondering how they were going to pull this off and it was perfect!


  24. Forget Beyoncé on the ‘Before I Let Go’ remake they should have let Jennifer Hudson do that ish!!! Jennifer would have owned it like it was hers originally! 💯

  25. I wish ABC would've made a 2020 version of the Jeffersons cause this reminds me of that 70s show and Big Bang Theory

  26. All the thumbs down must be punk ass game of thrones fans

  27. Jhud killed it, did Janet Dubois proud. I’d love to see the two of them duet in the future.

  28. I'm sorry but Janet and Barry will Forever have this on " Lock Down"-at one time , as a child I thought it was the two main characters singing😂😂😂 Nobody can touch it. Came from the heart. Living legend. Genuine Flow! When you hear her sing the theme( Janet-hands still clapping, 30 plus years later). Jennifer tends to do too much in everything, likes she's overdoing to try to prove herself- Sometimes less is more. Everybody got mad at Simon ( American Idol, he said something similar). Too Much and Dramatic. More of a Broadway singer ( Extra Drama)😂😂😋. She is a great singer but she has become more of a " Novelty" act. Only called on when someone need her. I have to say she should be more in the forefront.

  29. Jennifer sung it well. I loved how she walked on to the elevator when she was done.😃

  30. Wow Jennifer Hudson!!! You can slay a TV Theme song?? Wow! Love it⭐👍❤☺

  31. Rip The Jefferson 😔💐

  32. Ms Jennifer Hudson rocked the deluxe apartment in the sky heeze house. I was living for that soul and sizzle she brought. I could have done without the choir though and just Hudson. Also, the instruments weren't as on point as the original. If you got rid of the choir, adjusted the instruments accordingly and had solely Hudson, this would have been even more of a knockout than it was. 🙂

  33. I think she said “ Frish don’t fry in the kitchen “, but it was still awesome ! Seeing that apartment again in high definition color , man , it was a beautiful apartment!


  35. We need more of these. Next one should be "Maude" leading into "Good Times".

  36. Jennifer Hudson is a fucking ass bitch thug with no talent and has no original songs. She steals songs from others to make a name for herself. She sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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