Home / BET / Nonton James Wright Tells Us Why He Almost Had To Read Patti LaBelle | I Went Viral Sub Indo

Nonton James Wright Tells Us Why He Almost Had To Read Patti LaBelle | I Went Viral Sub Indo

James Wright Tells Us Why He Almost Had To Read Patti LaBelle | I Went Viral

The viral star still wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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  1. So glad im not gullible….

  2. I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about because Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie or nasty👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  3. Lord!! He is hilarious!! I love this! Love that personality

  4. Pattie Pie wouldn't be nothing without Jame chile and he did need a coin I couldn't bring myself to buy one cuz my grandmother would kill me lol

  5. I’m happy for him👍🏽

  6. came in and said praise GOD

  7. A feminine black man. 😬

  8. On the flip side everyone doesn't think her like pies are that great. Me personally I add a topping to Patti 🥧 which gives it a more homemade flavor.

  9. Boo she fooled you with that cake and those two brown Louis Vuitton bags…..

  10. I think Walmart or Patti should have hired him for a national ad campaign for her pies or gave him a commission on pies sold from the point his video went viral for up to a years time. Even a flat payment of $200,000 for him to do product reviews would be a good thing for him and Walmart. He really needs to have his own show on the Food Network, reviewing different food products and cooking because he cooks too. I wish the best for him but Patti or Walmart I sincerely hope you broke him off with some serious coins as a thank you for keeping your pies alive because no one knew about them or paid attention to them until James made them famous and relevant!

  11. Didn’t know she had a pie at Walmart until James went viral! I personally think the manufactured mass produced pie is too sweet, and it takes away from the sweet potato flavor. But I’m sure Ms Patti’s home baked version is most likely delicious! She is a good cook! Must of her recipes is just like my mother’s southern version. Glad the fans had to make her recognize this young man and Walmart! They should have given him a bonus! But he had some wonderful things happen afterwards and he is happy, that’s all that counts!

  12. Everybody want their 15 minutes of fame. Patti would have slayed his fat ass.

  13. CONGRATULATIONS James I love your personality😘

  14. Praise God???? Which ONE???🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  15. How much money did u get

  16. Baby,, your best friend was never really your friend!!!

  17. I like him .he keep it classy and not mean.

  18. That pie was nasty as hell lol

  19. I hate to click on something because the title says one thing and the video has a whole diffetent twist…where's the almost read?

  20. Godmorning James I dm you holla back

  21. Well they were already sold out at my Walmart before your video….so she dont owe him anything

  22. Everybody isn't in your corner…truer words have never been spoken.

  23. Dude is HILARIOUS..not gonna lie if it wasnt 4 his video..me n my fam wlda NEVER BOUGHT THE PIE..wasnt bad but HE MADE IT FAMOUS

  24. Seems to be a humble guy! I’m glad he’s receiving his blessings. Good fit James 👍

  25. She needs to thank him for selling those nasty ass pies. Smh

  26. This is probably why Tamar broke up with her husband. This guy is messy

  27. Beautiful soul! I wish him the best! I bought that pie because of James! Too much cinnamon though!
    Kennedy fried chicken store in the hood is way better! 😂

  28. I love PattiJames and his success.

  29. She gave him gifts and all that other stuff so she wouldn’t have to give him money

  30. I love his huge personality. Fabulous Hunny!!!!!!!!!

  31. I'd never have even known that Patti had pie's had it not been for this man and his voice.

  32. His impression of her, "I sold my pies" LOL I was weak.

  33. Pies is nasty and her cakes taste like wood

  34. Did he get paid? He should have been blessed with a hefty cash payments

  35. He can be my BRAND AMBASSADOR any dayyyyyy!

  36. I like his singing but people these days are nothing but followers, but good story anyway.

  37. Thank you. It's not you. It's them. Dude is a bit sweet but he's right about what success brings and keep doing you….And he has an amazing voice. He reminds me of Luther with his mannerisms. That is probably why Patti liked him too. Luther and her were tight and he is a Luther clone. Lol


  39. Btw…that lobster mac and cheese looks BANGIN!

  40. Why gay men think since they gay they can be in a women face… No you can't… All of gay or autistic…I think it's an enzyme they giving the black boys

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