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Nonton 'It’s Wages, Not Cages' | Ok, Stop | Pod Save America | HBO Sub Indo

'It’s Wages, Not Cages' | Ok, Stop | Pod Save America | HBO

Ok, Stop is a way to respond to the powerful messages, in this case said by Eric Trump, during the midterm elections. There is a lot to discuss from creating jobs, going to war, and ‘swamp creatures’.

Pod Save America heads to Philadelphia for the third leg of their four-state tour, with co-host Symone Sanders and a guest appearance by House of Representatives candidate Chrissy Houlahan.

#HBO #PodSaveAmerica

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Covering the 2018 midterm elections, podcast hosts Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, Dan Pfeiffer and Jon Lovett bring a “no bullsh*t conversation about politics” to the campaign trail in a four-part special.

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  1. "wages not cages" omg lmao

  2. Anti-American anti-white rhetoric from these communists! #JobsNOtMobs #VoteRed

  3. "The one day in a week where they go out to dinner". Please, there are people who can't even afford to go out to a nice dinner in a month or more thanks to the crap the Republicans pull, so Mitch McConnell, spare me the crocodile (or turtle) tears.

  4. All these intimidated snowflakes on here, railing against intellectual strength and prowess in the liberal sector. Right always beats might. The push back against the aggro conservative sector is finally growing some teeth. Kudos Pod Save America

  5. As entertaining as this group is, unfortunately, as with like politically motivated channels; the audiences are the converted; the relevant points being made here are not being listened to by those to whom they are most relevant to be listening; and, why is it, there seem to be no comedic political movement echoing a conservative, right wing mantra??

  6. The problem with the Romney's is they really love each other Paul Ryan!

  7. Trump=SWAMP CREATURES in the WH!!!!

  8. America, I still love you. We will survive this together.

  9. I wonder what the pod save america folks wages are…I bet there doing just fine

  10. Only a desperate starving peasant from Honduras is forced to try to get into the USA, no fucker wants to be American, look at the tourist figures, we don't even want to fucking visit!!!

  11. Looks like Nancy Pelosis Constituents. What a bunch of garbage.

  12. The crowd was so not into this.

  13. Neo-Lib fanboys with nothing to offer but snark. This is not going to get the Dems wins. We need strong no nonsense progressives, but big corporate owned HBO would never put that kind of show on because the only change they want is to swap Trump for a Neo-Lib Dem in the model of Clinton or Obama. Get ready for the media to go full throttle on Biden 2020.

  14. "It is the most corrupt cabinet ever" do they even know who Ulysses S. Grant, or Richard Nixon are.

  15. Michelle actually said she was not proud of her country.


  17. More personal attacks. Less politics. Nice.

  18. trump still runs his company. the two morons (his sons ?) no he wood never trust them , that is why he still has his i phone , and running the US part time

  19. Lol, you guys are saying this about Eric, I was actually thinking that about Trump and his dad, that his dad never loved him and never showed love towards him, that's why Trump became like this.

  20. Spreading lies and hate many hotels have cancelled hbo because of the dish network BLACK out!

  21. You young Liberals are so fucking arrogant and stupid. Big dumb animals, easily conditioned in your so called higher learning institutions.

  22. The America is NOT the envy of the world. Regards, the rest of the World.

  23. Actually trump is the leader of the Mob

  24. Pod save america is a joke. What smug bunch of dipshits

  25. willfully clueless neo~liberal Clinton / Obama elitist's ~ no thanx

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