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Nonton ‘It Just Rocked’ Official Clip| Elvis Presley: The Searcher | HBO Sub Indo

‘It Just Rocked’ Official Clip| Elvis Presley: The Searcher | HBO

By covering African American artists’ music, Elvis was able to bring credible value & representation to artists who were being ignored.

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  1. Lloyd Price version of lawdy Miss Clawdy is nowhere as good as Elvis's the young Elvis was incredible specially with certain songs he could take more songs and make them better and sound better than the original that's what you call original artist and all these other singers around that time they saying good they were good but Elvis was much more versatile he went into country rockabilly gospel ballads rhythm and blues rock and roll and he's singing Mall in different voices this guy was a versatile singer Elvis didn't sound white or black he sounded like Elvis

  2. Best Elvis documentary ever.

  3. Elvis breathed life into a song sang it how it was supposed to sound doesn't matter who wrote it he made alot of people famous and made them a lot of money any famous black singer of that era and after will say elvis introduced black music to the world and thus opened the doors for them Elvis never proffessed to inventing rock n roll he mentioned it was around long before he came along giving credit to the black singers of the early 30s n 40s even the 50s elvis changed the world totally bk in 1956 how we look dress behave dance ect ect mixed country r n b gospel ectexperimented with them before he came along what did they have big bands n crooners as john lennon said before elvis there was nothing he was right noone has had such an impact on the world as elvis did he breathed life into it and 40 years after his death hes still at the top still rememberd still selling millions of albums per year FACT

  4. Elvis o maior de todos os tempos simples assim.

  5. Elvis Presley is the best there was and the best that there ever will be

  6. Elvis king of all music what a voice no one comes close to him

  7. Parker was great for Elvis early on but should have been fired in the 60's. His Carny ways stifled Elvis as an artist and actor. I hate Parker for what he ended up doing to Elvis.

  8. Instead of saying, who did What! Let's all just enjoy the music and beauty to all that it brought.

  9. Elvis will always be the greatest everything ever and no one will ever come close to his talent

  10. What a beautiful man – inside and out.

  11. Elvis:El mejor artista!!😘

  12. All the narrator voice are old, trembling, jerry, priscilla….

  13. Whoa! Ms. Maulstby describes 'most' of early Elvis as covers of black artists… But look at that playlist shown under her voice. Six songs… Three from black artists, 3 from white. Which kind of goes to what Tom Petty was saying

  14. Let's keep the stacks in order…Little Richard and Chuck Berry were contemporaries of Elvis, not influences. All three released their first records within 9 months of each other.

  15. Elvis fans should be very concerned about his legacy.

    It seems some folks want to rewrite history. 😠

    The person or persons in charge of projects like this are seemingly more familiar with Elvis Costello than Elvis Presley .

    The searcher?😦👎

    Elvis fans should "search" harder for a better documentary.

    I give it a D -😒

  16. I hate when people keep talking about color color means nothing if you're good you're good if you're talented you're talented I wanted to be a world where people can say all this guy is talented I like him or this one is talented I like them I hate when people keep throwing color in the picture with talent talent has nothing to do with color if you're good you're good and I'm tired of people over there saying Elvis made it because he was white Elvis made it because he was talented and could have went further with better Management in the movies and in music Elvis singing 7 8 9 different voices with versatility he should be talking about that this documentary says nothing new Elvis inspired buy white and black artist that he liked heel of Howlin Wolf you love Lloyd Price He Love Dean Martin so is inspiration what from different musical genres that just black he like all music he's soaked it up he liked it he was inspired but at a talent of his own and the Charisma of his own he didn't steal anything his talents will from God god-given gift that wasn't handle correctly because of bad management his 1956 version of lawdy Miss Clawdy is outstanding nice so full nice voice nice instruments Elvis could really sing in his younger days at his best God gave him that voice God gave him the looks God gave him the talent just like God gave talent to other stars I love to sing I love don't get his credit he deserves Brook Benton when God gives you a talent he gives you telling has nothing to do with color and all the people say Elvis's races those are the ones that are racist those who say Elvis wasn't a good actor don't know King Creole Kid Galahad wild in the country flaming star loving you great acting performances buy a good actor too bad this guy was Miss managed he could have been an even bigger and still alive Elvis is a true legend of gifted star underrated actor the most versatile singer in history of Music can't take it away the record proves it the Charisma shows it the box office draws don't buy the concert sellouts he was one of a kind and a good man no racism at all in Elvis He loves all people this is what this documentary should be talking about this search it was so terrible it has not said anything new that Elvis is true fans didn't already know what I'm saying is all true God bless you Elvis met your Legend lives on and I hope these money hungry people trying to make money off you in these documentaries stop the bulshit Amen to that peace to you Elvis a hero of Legend icon

  17. Tom Petty??? LOL he knows nothing about Elvis. E didn't invent pop nor rock but was the first to incorporate several styles into a rocking new sound

  18. A "historian" suggests that most of Elvis' early music was covers of black singers. This is incorrect, most of Elvis' early records were covers of country or pop standards or written for him.  Of the 15 songs for Sun records, 9 are country or trad pop and 6 are R&B. On his first album, of the 12 songs, 8 are country or trad pop and 4 are R&B. On his second album, of the 12 songs, 4 are country or trad pop,  4 were written for elvis (not covers) and 4 are R&B covers. And, throughout 1956 most of his non album singles were written for him. After 1956 Elvis's covers dwindled and songs written for him increased. This is not opinion … this can be easily checked so why repeat misconceptions? It does history a diservice.

  19. How come there's no black people in the audience?

  20. What more can I say , he was talented, kind, generous and handsome ! Wow.

  21. Those other guys were great and those guys before them. But elvis is the only artist that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up

  22. Hello Jamie im Michael Phipps how r u doin sir i was readin what u said bout Elvis Aron Presley ive known Elvis ever since i was a small boy back then i was the biggest Elvis fan alive but sadly to say not anymore ive also known him ever since him an his parents lived n Tupelo,Mississippi nobody knows this but back then his(Elvis' ) original first name was( )im not givin that away yet he didn't change his first name to Elvis until him an his family moved to Memphis ,Tenn. there at Humes Highschool is where he(Elvis Presley) met Scottie Moore an Bill Black an they was the first 2 band members well that's all im sayin for free cause it took me 40something yrs.of investigation to find all this out i also know all bout the lyin stealin theivin so-called dumbass col.tom parker too well that's bout it i won't say anymore for free bout both Elvis an Tom the rest of both whole life stories will cost whoever wants to buy the rights to both men for any comment txt me at 931335-1868 i know an can prove Elvis Aron Presley faked his own death cause i cn it on my cell phone i couldn't hardly believe it either but it did but that's all im sayin for free like i said for any comment txt me at 931335-1868

  23. It's Michael Phipps again f i couldn't prove what im sayin it would b fraud

  24. I know more bout Elvis Presley than anybody n his whole family includin his only yes i said his only child Lisa Marie an his ex wife money grubbin Priscilla Presley no offense to Lisa Marie but that's how i feel bout Priscilla Presley

  25. Who are the 11 tards with a thumbs down? Get some culture fools!

  26. The best documentary ever!! It makes justice for such great Elvis was.

  27. Meu querido Elvis , sempre sempre o melhor

  28. Love this doco however, why oh why have Tom Petty? Why not Tom Jones or Jerry Lee Lewis talk as the both knew and loved Elvis the singer? http://www.elvispreslenews.com

  29. Every now and then, I recall that he was a natural blonde, who took to dyeing his hair black, early on. He also had a twin brother who died at birth, whose grave he would visit oft. I imagine he thought upon whether or not a child who never got to call upon the name of the Lord, or was not born into a christian home, but died early without knowing much, goes to heaven or not.. maybe concluded that you do not have to know much, and that feelings are more important than thoughts.. love, is greater than truth.. an artist-performer treats his body like a canvas, and that is what Elvis did. From early on, he saw an international stage, a multiethnic place, and a need and desire to hear, see, something sacred, honest, pure. His persona was calculated, and not accidental, I suspect – from his first tv appearance, where he sang two songs (baby, let's play house, and, peace in the valley) intimating at duality, as in the tree of knowledge of good and evil, or how two can be one, as in, "it's just music – whether gospel or R&B – it's just food, for thought". We are all descended from Seth, because of the flood of Noah. That seemed to be the message behind Elvis' art – focus on the positive, always moving towards the light, and away from the darkness, casting evil thoughts (racism – a team sport mentality, depression, despondency, etc.) away. Vegas Elvis look seemed inspired by Native American motifs – that shaman-priest look, merged with karate, martial arts, and high collar, big belt, polyester 70s fashion : culture fusion was his thing. TCB – lightning bolt logo, "taking care of business" : it is not about the money, hence, the lightning bolt symbol : make not LOVE angry. Elvis was always preaching – if an artist's motivations are pure.. there is a song called, rip it up… but how Elvis pronounces that word, rip, you do not get a sense of tearing, violence, or anger.

  30. Did not get CD 3 wrath its got to do with Elvis did not like it

  31. Elvis took a good song and made it great . Elvis could sing anything from country to gospel to blues to rockabilly to rock n roll to Christmas songs and give soul make it his .

  32. Elvis was the best in his early years he did lawdy Miss Clawdy way better than Lloyd Price the voice to style was way better he didn't copy nobody Elvis was original he going to explode it later on but in his early years nobody was better that I learned be and Soulful rock and roll Elvis did it the best better than any white or black singer Elvis was the best when he was young no doubt about it he took lawdy Miss Clawdy to bigger Heights not in 1968 when he sang it but in 1956 that's so full youthful sound nobody could tell Elvis singing lawdy Miss Clawdy better than Elvis Elvis didn't sound white or black he sounded like Elvis God give him the gift and he showed he had whoever gets caught up with that color stuff is ignorant whether they're white or black whoever keeps using the color thing is so ignorant and Evil Talent is Talent can't take it away whoever uses color to say oh he's not talented in all that crap I don't pay attention to that foolishness and whoever does is foolish young Elvis was the best and The Versatile singer with a lot of charisma I'm surprised they say don't say he stole his looks from black people all Elvis was a talent of God's gift when God gives people Talent has nothing to do with color

  33. The so-called colonel, tom parker's real name Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk was a kazar aka so-called jew. He owned 50% of Elvis' earnings on & offstage for his entire career. This would have been unheard of to charge any "white" man 50%. Yet he did. What court in the 1950s would not have awarded a white man freedom from such a travesty. To put it into context, Louis Armstrong also had a 50% deal as did many African-American artists of the day. They had no choice because of most of white America's overtly satanic prejudice/ racism. The so-called jew was a necessary evil and charged a high price for access to the American public.

    Elvis was black-mailed, ripped-off and ultimately forced to take his own life because of this Anti-Christ.

    WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!! Too many have died.


  35. Elvis took others music to another level the Power still echoes through the music still today Rip Elvis Presley

  36. Elvis,always said the music was for everybody.he loved R And B Gospel,he could sing all the pages of a book Rip👑❤👍

  37. Elvis "covered all colors….Just like Hendrix "covered" Bob Dylans "Along the Watchtower" Elvis made songs completely different as well as straight style mimic. You would have to be deaf to think "blue moon of Kentucky" and songs like "So glad you're mine" by Elvis were the same animal as the originals.

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