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Nonton How Monica Hunter Survived A Meeting With A Serial Killer | I Survived Sub Indo

How Monica Hunter Survived A Meeting With A Serial Killer | I Survived

For thirty years, the narrative of The Grim Sleeper has remained the same. 10-25 victims. Possibly scores of others. And only one known survivor who escaped his clutches, Enietra Washington, and lived to tell her story. Until now. BET Digital news correspondent Dana Johnson sits down with Monica Hunter for an exclusive interview detailing the night Monica says she survived an attack from The Grim Sleeper.

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  1. We as people, have to careful doesnt matter if your black or white man or woman, or gay or straight. You just have to be careful period. You never know who you meeting these days, the enemy will always try to take you down omg powerful story.

  2. 3:18 a picture shows up for a mili sec

  3. She look good for 51 👍🏿👌🏾💯 #blackDontCrack

  4. Omg I can’t believe how beautiful she is 🙂
    And rest in piece all of the black women whom were murdered

  5. Why just black woman come on

  6. She is such a sweet lady, and i understand why she didn't go to the police. Back in those days, police wouldn't believe any woman who told them she was raped, or nearly raped, unless she was a very wealthy woman or the wife of the mayor, police chief, or etc. It was due to a prevailing macho male chauvinist attitude. Police are paid with tax dollars from our women's hard-earned wages. . They should respectfully do their job so women feel safe to report such crimes, and they should investigate the perpetrator so more women aren't assaulted or killed.

  7. I lived right there on 67th and I know Monica.

  8. Tupperware Party My Butt…She couldn´t just say she was "working" that corner

  9. I would love to get in touch with monica

  10. 51??? Looks 35! Black women have lovely skin. Glad you survived and RIP to the other victims.

  11. where she from after 24 hr u cant complain hello bill cosby diong 3 to 10 from allegation in 80s

  12. This bitches kids are criminals themselves. .



  15. This hurt my heart. The fact this black woman was made to feel so devalued, by the police no less, and she’d been taught that unless you report it straight away, bad luck. She said she’s had shit happen before. I can just imagine, in the past she’d tried to report it, but these racist ass cops don’t want to bother. “Nah sorry, been over 24 hours, too late.”
    She was made to believe that her assault and potential rape and murder couldn’t be reported.

    I will never know what that feels like, as a white woman. Yet I have so much empathy for her.
    Don’t blame the woman for hitchhiking. Blame the perverse creep that did what he did. Blame the police department that systemically neglected people of colour, to the extent they saw no point reporting this shit.

    So many women killed. Missing. Unidentified. No one looking. I f*cking can’t fathom.

    This ain’t right.

  16. There's a serial killer in Chicago they have claimed fifty women found strangled raped and dumped in a dumpster even burned.

  17. She stupid to begin with all those,women got killed and you get into the car with a complete stranger and you don't tell the cops right away hello maybe you could have gotten this murderer off the streets faster or saved a life dummy is all i can say there's no time limit on attempted rape or murder

  18. Dummy !!! Why are u getting ion a car with a complete stranger 🤷🏽‍♀️ STUUUUUPID

  19. She said she was going to a Tupperware party lol. Why can't people be real and just say I was working the streets for money to feed my kids? This story is bullshit.

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