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Nonton How Jay-Z Became Rap's First Black Billionaire & The Impact Of "When They See Us" | Black Coffee Sub Indo

How Jay-Z Became Rap's First Black Billionaire & The Impact Of "When They See Us" | Black Coffee

Hosts Marc Lamont Hill, Gia Peppers & Jameer Pond discuss Jay-Z becoming rap’s first Black billionaire, the impact of Netflix’s “When They See Us,” the state of HBCU’s and more.


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  1. Jeff Ex wife is giving half of her wealth to charity btw !

  2. Bullshit! A billion doesn't mean everyone else loses, where on earth did u get that nonsense from? wealth has no limit. u can create wealth from nothing. everyone can achieve that. so please stop with the crap. celebrate the brother. to make a billion means you have created a livelihood for a lot of people

  3. Yall do know that Forbes makes different lists to promote their elite wealth agenda! Jay z will not be on the real list which is the worldwide Billionaire list. Jay has had a relationship with Forbes for quite some time. Hes veen kn the cover before. Forbes put him out so that the rest of the asleep Blacks and the young can believe that we can make it to that level because Jay did it. That we too can be a drug dealing project living rapper who finally made it! Lol…no way! This is all an illusion. Money without the global, political, economical and social systems in place to back it, has no value. Jay is exactly that! So in the global world, Jay has no value to the real Billionaires! They put him in a position for Blacks to want to idolize. Materialism.

  4. I have a strong revulsion of this kind of ideology when it comes to wealth building. I mean this guy has all this education but still don't get the big picture. This country is not based on socialism or communism… Last time that I checked it was capitalism at it's finest. STOP pocket watching and build your own shit so people can't fire you if they don't agree with your views smh… shame on you… low key hater..

  5. I understand what Marc is saying. His gripe is with the system of capitalism. I love Jay and I'm a full fledge Beyoncé stan, but in order to amass wealth like that within capitalism, there are ppl being exploited in some way shape or form. It's inescapable.

  6. Lisen bro, im really upset that u tryna water down another black mans success… the "i want everybody to have sumthin" narrative is childish.. this is america and shoutout to jay for showing us how to win this game called america that we are all forced to play..

  7. So when a black man is holding a billion now its obscene and too much for one person to have. Well its his family's wealth now not just his.

  8. 1) This guy isn't completely understanding that net worth isn't cash in the bank. You can be worth a billion with only 20 million in the bank or less.

    2) Then to say Bezos "only gave 2 million." Ask yourself how much of your net worth have you given? 2 million is still a lot.

    I don't criticize how people handle THEIR money. Instead, I'm focusing on getting rich, so I can do it my way. We have to be the change we want to see. That's more productive than trying to convince someone else to use THEIR money the way we think they should.

  9. He's not the first black rapper billionaire, why do yall keep forgetting about Dre lol

  10. Jay Z been making millions for over 20 years. Why did it take so long to get to a billion 🤔🤔 https://youtu.be/D_PpYuSrVjY

  11. People need to focus on their own lives&future💜that's the problem with our people to much speaking of others success,work on your own Wealth!!Be proud&love others always still!

  12. A billion isn't shit in the scheme of real wealth. Bezos has 110 billion, not 10.

  13. The sister said it exactly right generational wealth

  14. Truth is always best the use NIPSEY work.

  15. what better than one billionaire 2 especially if they from the same Hue as you y'all can stop me when I start telling the truth!!💎💎

  16. I still don’t understand how somebody else having money helps me in anyway

  17. Jigga conversation changes now. At first he had that millionaire convo; now he has that billionaire conversation. Two completely different levels of conversation. Congratulations brother

  18. check out javabeanllc.com to support black business 🙂

  19. jay z probably don't have a billon doller in cash most it is probably assets that can convert into cash

  20. nO every one don't deserve shit …. I see poor minded ppl in the street every day asking for hand outs and they are not even homeless … I see niggas on the street dress fly and asking for a doller … there are a lot of ppl espeally in the hood that don't deserve shit …. these ppl need to work … they don't need jay z to save them … they need a job or create a business … and at the end of the day everyone is rich because we all have access to resources that can help us in the long and short term …. most ppl in the world just need to change their mentality when it comes to money …. money is ACCESS PASS , really we are the money …. we are billionaires but most of us don't know it … I rather tell put ppl on on how they have bad spending habits and tell them the major benefits of investing small money and watching it grow to jay z level type of money instead of just giving it away … that is just reckless behavior ….. u give a average person money they are going to spend everything but if u teach that person how to fish … they will proSper many times ….THATS BIG FACTS

  21. They didn’t even talk about how he became a billionaire

  22. First black billionaire okay. I bet you he's Community look the same as when you grew up it's called giving back when you make it how many black people you think he stepped on to get that billion

  23. Dude sounds stupid as shit, talking about he don’t want to live in a world where people have a billion dollars, to me it sounds like he’s jealous, Congratulations to Jay z and his Billion dollars, that man been grinding since the early 90’s and now his kids and every generation after that want have to beg for nothing, that’s som Rockefeller family, Rothschild family type shit💯💯💯💯💯


  25. Why are ppl hating sooo much on Jay success???? shiiit!!!!! This is annoying AF!!! Congratulations 🎉🎊 to Hov.

  26. I see a lot of y’all in these comments are unable to think critically. 🙄 Marc wasn’t critiquing “Black success” or even Jay-Z necessarily. He is criticizing a capitalist system that has y’all broke and living paycheck to paycheck while there are other people (mostly White men) with billions of dollars who keep getting richer. He’s critiquing capitalism, y’all are just missing his point, and it’s sad.

  27. Correction => 3:36 Bezos is not worth 10 billion but 100 billion..

  28. if we gonna depend on living wage we gonna be slaves for ever as for me more black billionaires more jobs creations

  29. CORRECTION- Jay-Z is the richest musician in the world

  30. I'd rather have 10 million black people in the upper class than a couple black billionaires.

  31. It would be our own brother who will say, that having a billion dollars is to much to have!🤦🏽‍♀️ why not have that? Whites got it, at least he is using his money for good. He needs an unlimited amount of money so he can continue to do what God has call him to be. I’m praying for $250 billion, because I’m going to live good and be a blessing wherever I can! Everybody can have a billion dollars, if they have a billion dollar mindset. Can’t get mad at Jay for having that mindset. Your mindset is, on a limited amount, and that’s your priority to have that. You have a million dollar mind, where he, we, me have a billion dollar mind. You get whatever your mind says you can have!! Come on LAMONT!!!!😂

  32. That's the problem that piss me off we still have work to do in jigga setting the example after our people been threw we came far I'll be dead and gone hope where still trying to have majority of our people advance on da level with other cultures stop haten get out the way we go work to do dam

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