Home / BET / Nonton How Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Are Creating Movements For Multidimensional Women | Black Coffee Sub Indo

Nonton How Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Are Creating Movements For Multidimensional Women | Black Coffee Sub Indo

How Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Are Creating Movements For Multidimensional Women | Black Coffee

Marc Lamont Hill, Gia Peppers, Jameer and Tarana Burke discuss how female rappers are able to show different sides of themselves, be respected and more.


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  1. This is so dumb. Cardi didn’t create no type of movement. Instead she drag women everyday for having opinions

  2. Saw Megan’s name and clicked 😍😍😍😍

  3. They got KRS on this joint

  4. Great segment. Make this show longer…i likes.

  5. Megan only!!!! She rap bout wat she wud do. Not wat all females n wo.en should do.


  7. Y’all giving Cardi B too much credit for luck, sympathy, and ignorance

  8. Black women are aborting 1,200 black babies each day, six days of each week.
    Black women are killing 7,200 black babies each week,
    that's 28,800 dead black babies each month.
    Black American woman are aborting 345,600 black babies each year.
    It has been projected that
    How ironic black people are in the streets daily ranting against discrimination against African Americans, while never in the history of mankind have a people been so duped that they commit DO-IT-YOURSELF GENOCIDE UPON THEMSELVES!

    80% of the abortion clinics in this nation are placed in or near black communities, by our best friends – the demonrats. Our white demonrats so-called "friends" have built a ghoulish multi-million dollar BLACK BABY BODY PARTS INDUSTRY that rests upon 1,200 black babies dying each day, six days of each week. This profound outrage is occurring while we hear not a peep out of black clergy, black politicians, nor so-called black political activists.

  9. These new black women are the worst nothing like the women we grew up with in the 90s 🤦🏿‍♂️

  10. How DARE y’all compare Meg Thee Stallion to a barking dog. Why is black america so RUDE to actual female rappers?

    FYI when Rihanna started the stripper movement with Pour it up and Bitch better have my money, where was the love?

  11. Wtf is multi-dimensional about being a stripper and open freak… They both rap about people hating because they love tricking with niggahs for money… Fohhh

  12. Forreal forreal she is HOT AND FY

  13. Love this video!! Female rappers represent hood feminism!!!💃🏾♀️

  14. Cardi B just a ventriloquist doll. She ain't writing nothing. Anybody can be and her position. Smh

  15. Multi demensional whores

  16. Bet you finally got it right now if we can get a hourly news show our 30-minute new show on BET the network that would be perfect we are going through too much as a community to not have that there are too many things happening within our community too many children Brown children going missing in our community we need somewhere we can report on them and find our own missingBet the right track let's keep this going, good job in very refreshing to see this proud🏆🏆🏆🏆📣📣📣📣

  17. Blaming men for all the problems in the world wow congrats women"you are always right".

  18. Oh you can be free, baby. Just don't be FOR FREE. Those tits and asses be looking like some FREE porn on insta these days.😌

  19. it's either support a dropout in Cardi or a educated woman in Megan

  20. THEY CREATING LANES FOR HOES……….i.e. City Girls

  21. Shamefull These women have no discipline mor moral

  22. I'm watching these ppl, all of which are Hebrews rather they know it or like it or not. I'm watching as they all take the side of Satan in this world. Shame on you all. You all are the 2/3rds of israel that God will punish by death and no return when he establishes his king Dom on this earth. So go ahead and worship all of Satan's favorite things while you live now.
    But I hope you keep the Bible's scariest and real warning in mind.

    It says. Those who refuse my law and despised it while they lived. THE SAME MUST KNOW ME ((AFTER DEATH BY PAIN)).

  23. Cardi should stop always getting angry on social media

  24. Throw some water on the entire set.

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