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Nonton HBO 2019: It's Just the Start | HBO Sub Indo

HBO 2019: It's Just the Start | HBO

It’s just the start. Here are the new shows, docs, and movies coming soon to HBO.

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HBO 2019: It’s Just the Start | HBO

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  1. What is the Name of the Background Music?🤔

  2. So, I guess the GoT prequel isn't happening.

  3. Did HBO always produce this much content? Maybe they're spreading their resources a bit thin…

  4. That has to tell you how powerful GoT is. They have to have an entire campaign of shows slated to replace just one in order to keep subs up. GoT is a show of a generation.

  5. Hey guys, if you keep HBO, I got another show for you (other than GoT, because everyone knows that's why everyone has HBO). Go watch The Newsroom. It's INSANE good. Second Best dialogue I've ever seen in a show.

  6. All great. Just cancel fuckin Bill Maher and his shitty show, I still dont understand why you keep him on your paycheck.

  7. Well the Thrones prequel, Long Night stars next year right?

  8. Is The New Pope the sequel to The Young Pope?

  9. Please do few Indian based shows

  10. I came for zendaya
    I'm not disappointed

  11. What is the first series they show???

  12. You can just feel the fear and desperation oozing from everything HBO is doing right now, I love it

  13. So you’re telling me that these shows are going to fill the void left by Game of Thrones? Yes, in your dreams.

  14. Guess I’ll stay but JUST for the last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David is a LEGEND! 1:46

  15. I gonna miss those game of thrones teases in these kinda HBO videos.

  16. Arruins Got with the bad writters bro,YOU HAVE SOMETHING GOOD AND SHIT….


  17. looks like a bunch SJW shows

  18. how about re start shit of thrones and make a good GOT finale.

  19. HBO can redeem itself with the remake of GoT S8. The rest don't matter.

  20. So basically HBO spending 2 minutes begging us to renew our membership after what they did to Game of Thrones.

  21. Anybody know what the song is called and who sings it?

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