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Nonton Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 🎤🔥 First Look! Sub Indo

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 🎤🔥 First Look!

Bow Wow’s life in the fast lane spirals out of control, meanwhile, hip hop icon Waka Flocka Flame and his wife Tammy Rivera are back in the A and straight outta their dream wedding! But, when Waka is put to the test, the question arises…Can he abandon the highs of being a rapper to fully support his wife? GUHH:ATL returns June 13 at 9/8C!


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This season, life in the fast lane spirals out of control for Bow Wow and then-girlfriend Kiyomi. Hip hop icons Waka Flocka Flame (son of Debra Antney) and wife Tammy Rivera are back in the A and starting fresh after renewing their vows. It’s time to put their love to the ultimate test when Waka puts his full-throttle rap career on hold to manage Tammy’s breakout R&B stardom. R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea “Drea” Kelly and her three children move back to Atlanta and are breaking their silence in a buzzing child support battle. In the wake of prison and bankruptcy, rapper Da Brat tries to reform both her image and her finances. Brat joins forces with legendary hip hop manager Debra Antney to create an Artist Boot Camp. Not everyone is welcome in Atlanta this season… the controversial Brandon Barnes (Debra Antney’s godson) is back and his charlatan ways are finally catching up to him. Ayana Fite is on a warpath when Brandon tries to break through the family circle in a hurricane of lies. Without Deb and Waka’s star power shielding him, will Brandon be able to extinguish this massive inferno of deceit?

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  1. Not cool, bow wow! Let that bitch whoop yo ass like that. Whoop dat trick! Ike turner the bitch. Quit being a punk…hit the bitch back

  2. Why is Bow wow still with that girl? Why?!?! Smh.

  3. Awwwww Tammy's mom is SO cute…. Tammy looks JUST like her, just a lighter complexion. And her and Deb are too funny together…lol <3

  4. Oh my word wokka flakka & his wife Tammy are so fucking cute!!! Loved how he was kissing all up on her 🤫😎🧐🧐 so adorable 😏

  5. Chris brown got every famous person feeling like they can be Pirus too

  6. Did bow wow just said “piru”Doe

  7. Bow Wow got his ass kicked and that ho fake that 911 call. Where her bruises at real talk and I'm a woman.

  8. I don't see a bruise on her… Bow let her go… She going destroy everything u work 4! U got a daughter man… Facts

  9. "she lit his ass up!"
    I love Deb

  10. On RU you Hit Like Dog Shit Ya Dummy

  11. So much drama! Can't wait! Lol

  12. Did this lil nigga just say " on piru" ? … Nigga weird

  13. Bow is reckless. I love the Brat. Just want to see Tammie, Waka, and Charlie. Deb is life. 😂

  14. Girl ion believe you bow wow wouldn’t hurt anyone

  15. Women think they can stand up 2 a man without no consequence wrong. Women if u stand up 2 an Man be prepared 2 get treated like 1!

  16. Bow wow got to let this toxic relationship GO

  17. Bow wow do that same ol tired camera scuffle bout damn near every season since the show started! 😑

  18. She sounds like she's lying I no he was verbally abusive anyway but he never seem to want to fight her though she's the aggressive one in the relationship she's always ready to fight anybody period. He probably was telling her to get out of his house and she wasn't trying to leave.

  19. He probably saw his face and wanted to slap the shit out of her.

  20. bow and masika 🥴🥴

  21. Imma Say It Because Everybody Else Scared To Say It: Bow and Ki Fought Each Other Its Not Domestic Abuse Its Battery, Everybody and They Momma Knows That Women Nowadays Proudly Admits and Likes To Fight Men As If They’re Men Themselves Smh Can’t Get In A Mans Face and Try To Get Buck and Not Get A Reaction But Like Mike Epps Said “Whoever Gets The Phone First, The Other One’s Goin To Jail”

  22. I feel like Kiyomi is full of shit honestly.

  23. Is piru like a celebrity gang lol cause I’ve only heard Chris Brown n bow wow and city girls say it lol

  24. Brat still dress like she in ‘96

  25. Da Brat; Like a fucking stalker 👀👀

  26. Did u at least pinch the bitch….players club

  27. Tammy you really a woman keep growing your doing it write

  28. Is Waka and Bow Wow still growing up? 😐

  29. Bow gave them a storyline for those who don't have it!😂😂

  30. how is bow wow charged with battery but he got marks all on him? not saying he aint hit her but saaying shouldnt she be automatically charged since he has visible wounds? plus everytime police show up they always get the person who aint got no wounds on them but then again they will be quick to put a dude in jail off a womans word….bow wow shouldve left that broad though shes a mess

  31. Bow wow said "on piru"😂😂😂 GTFOH

  32. Mamas is irra af like girl thats they wedding tf . How u mad so what if thats your son . U not the one getting married

  33. And it was more than one person there who said she was the aggressor again if yall mfks dont wanna be hit dont hit nobody . SIMPLE

  34. Isn't this last season trailer

  35. That Bow Wow fight felt like it was 2 years ago.

  36. Deb with that grey wig! 😍🔥

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