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Nonton Gentleman Jack: Styling A Gentleman – Behind the Scenes | HBO Sub Indo

Gentleman Jack: Styling A Gentleman – Behind the Scenes | HBO

Go inside Gentleman Jack’s nineteenth century costume and hair designs with star Suranne Jones, creator Sally Wainwrgiht, costumer Tom Pye, and more. #HBO #GentlemanJackHBO
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Set in 1832 and inspired by a true story, Sally Wainwright’s new series Gentleman Jack follows the charismatic Anne Lister as she attempts to revitalize her home — and marry an heiress.

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Gentleman Jack: Styling A Gentleman – Behind the Scenes | HBO

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  1. Love the way she walks, a woman who has so much energy and authority.

  2. I knew this gal looked familiar! it definitely looks good but it gonna take me a sec to get over the "Ann Oldman" thing….check out a touch of cloth if you haven't.

  3. It takes no time at all to love this show

  4. Everything is a lesbian now

    What a boring world

  5. More attention please this show because amazing!!! I love it! 😍


  7. Once again HBO panders to the libtard, SJW, feminazi agenda. Fuck off with this.

  8. She plays that role so well, true pro.

  9. I looooooveee the Pirates of the Caribbean meets Downton Abbey feel to the show:)

  10. Is too much to ask for S02 already when S01 isn't even finished yet? 😂 Much love for this show!

  11. "We didn't try to beautify me in any way" well Suranne that's because you are already beautiful.

  12. i am SO obsessed with this show i made a whole meme video on how gay it makes me feel lmao

  13. Gentleman Jack is a good storyline especially with Madam Anne Lister's own words on what had been happening at that era. I really do hope that HBO would consider to make a movie out of it. Cause the way the cast play it out is really something. It really captivated my interest for I am not a big fan on period drama. Love Suranne Jones's performance as she has really embodied the character, in my opinion. Her mannerism, the way she walks! Sopie Rundle is really good with that fragility, not over-playing it. The costumes are brilliant too and the settings. Wow, the list can goes on and on. Overall I just want to say good job on this project. I simply love it!

  14. I absolutely love this show!!!!

  15. Hello, from the deep Ardeche I enjoy watching on OCS the gentleman Jack. I find this series delicious and Suranne Jones is incredible in this role.

  16. PS: aesthetically, it’s really neat and it made me want to live in deep England 🙂 Deeply the next episodes !

  17. This is the 5th British show at least, in 2019 alone where HBO have tried to claim the sole credit, even though the British networks were the ones who originally commissioned, funded, produced, first broadcast and own the shows.

    HBO like most American TV companies, usually come in as late co-producers, or as distributors only for countries outside the UK, then try to claim all the credit.

    1 – Gentleman Jack is a BBC show.
    2 – His Dark Materials is a BBC show.
    3 – Chernobyl is a Sky UK show.
    4 – Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me is a Channel 4 show.
    5 – Brexit: The Uncivil War is a Channel 4 show.

    Some more upcoming British shows which HBO will no doubt try to take all the credit for when they air in the USA include:

    The Hunt for Jihadi John by Channel 4.
    Years and Years by the BBC.
    Catherine the Great by Sky UK.
    The New Pope by Sky UK.

    There's no doubt other British productions in 2019 which HBO will try to claim all the credit for.

  18. hbo did not make this show just like the yanks paid a few dollars thats all

  19. As soon as I started the first episode I fell in love with her character and the show! Just amazing! Even got my husband watching it now. 😊

  20. Surrane Jones could beat me with her cane and I'd thank her.

  21. "Have you ever seen a bottle of Johnnie Walker? Make her look like that."

  22. Brilliantly represented , love this show 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  23. This show is INCREDIBLE!!! The characters and story is perfect and the acting is brilliant. So much talent!

  24. I'm already hooked. Suranne Jones is perfect for the role. Oh, and that purposeful stride is incredibly sexy when viewed in the context of how women were supposed to behave back in the day. Loving it!

  25. If HBO had not brought the wonderful BBC shows we would be blind as a bat. I am so grateful they did but thank you BBC.

  26. Gabriel the traveler has a great utube video tour of Tiblisi Georgia. Capital of Georgia. 1.5 million. In 1840 the city would have had much to offer the travelers. Too bad about the tick.

  27. It's a fabulous series, so well done and the detailing is great. Suranne Jones deserves an award for this one.

  28. Im absolutely bowled over !!!! What brilliance !!! Suranne is superb, i love & admire her acting skills, we usually watch her in many roles from her time in Corrie, Scott & Bailey, Doctor Foster, Secret of Crikley Hall etc….. i always like to Praise the writer Sally Wainwright also writer of Scott & Bailey, Happy Valley etc and all of the directers, producers, crew, make-up etc.
    And really glad there will be another one after this one well done BBC

  29. 0:41 "We didn't try to beautify me in any way" Then why do you look so beautiful? not fair dude

  30. HBO please get the best marketing team on this show. Please get everyone to watch it. Don't cancel it. It means so much to me as a lesbian.

  31. This show is utterly fantastic.

  32. I just really hope that you're not cutting scenes though.. keep it as it is! 🤣

  33. I'm totally appalled and disgusted. This show is yet another example of the vast conspiracy by the liberal media to force us to watch entertaining, quality shows.

  34. The acting in this show is great but its because of the amazing writing. The dialogue is so rhythmic and entrancing. I'm addicted to this show. Sometimes I watch the episode twice in a row when they come out because you miss so much the first time. And watching it a second time makes you appreciate other things.

  35. Probably my favourite actress, she's brilliant..love her

  36. One of the best costume dramas ever brilliant

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