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Nonton Game of Thrones: The Last Watch | Official Documentary Trailer | HBO Sub Indo

Game of Thrones: The Last Watch | Official Documentary Trailer | HBO

From director Jeanie Finlay, a farewell to Westeros with the people who built the realm.

The Last Watch, a two-hour documentary, premieres May 26 on HBO.

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  1. No one wants to waste their time with you again GoT after destroying the character you built for every season and killing her!

  2. After all that years the ending of the story is really disappointed and shit


    Is this what is called "Game of Thrones"? Yes, but it only applies from season 1 episode 1 to season 8 episode 4. "Game of Thrones" does not apply to Season 8 episodes 5 & 6. why? The path of distorted and chaotic stories.

    Game of Thrones fans have been tricked by the director and producer of HBO. Having lots of fans doesn't mean you act as you like to trick fans. You have many fans, that's because your role in playing a scenario is very good. when your scenario is not qualified, who will like your story? Nothing.

    In accordance with the title "Game of Thrones", the winner is of course Dany or John. But when you come up with a forced (cheap) polling scenario (democracy), your scenario becomes garbage because it is not qualified. You certainly can create a scenario about good democracy by maintaining the identity of the Game of Thrones storyline. that is why RR Martin me resigned from season 8.

    if you can't create a good ending scenario, you can learn from the film maker "GLADIATOR", it creates a quality democracy, and not a cheap story.

    When you present Sansa and other dignitaries, I begin to disgust the ending of this story. They are not winners of a throne battle game. Your story becomes chaotic and full of nonsense. even Dany & John ended with a very heartbreaking story.

    I am very disappointed with the end of this story. Poor Game of Thrones.

  4. Sam killed ed got him turned into a white and ran from the white who killed ed. I cant forgive that liability

  5. I hope they will answer some of the questions that still remain, eg. did the Dothraki leave with the Unsullied?

  6. My ideal if GOT at this point would be to see Daenerys resurrected and with a son of Jon Snow who would be reborn with her when they resurrected her.
    I wanted to see Jon Snow devastated.

  7. Daenerys = Gollum
    Jon Snow = Frodo
    Sansa = Saruman
    Tyrion = Theoden
    Samwel = Samwise
    Eddard = Boromir
    Melisandre = Gandalf
    Arya = Legolas
    Cersei = Denethor
    Bran = Sauron
    Night King = King of The Dead
    Drogon = Aragorn

  8. Please edit the new movie script. Is a very good movie, but The ending is very not so good. Please remake. Please GOT

  9. RIP Game of Thrones.
    D&D murdered the show.

  10. I can't believe they made a documentary about this bullshit season

  11. Shame this show is too good for mainstream audience that can't appreciate the ending which tricked many people. That's what I like

  12. Well we kinda forgot about…

  13. arya's green and brown eyes that she will shut for ever is d&d

  14. Once there was this thing running through my mind that a show like this would be once in a lifetime thing that I could tell my coming generations about, but the way it has ended, I won't do it because of the disappointment they will get after watching it. D&D are losers without any logical story writing skills, they just wanted to make the final season, make money and end up the show. The characters Jon Snow and Danerys are lifetime characters which were built from scratch and won people's heart but you were worried about money you were paying them, thus reducing your profit. Shit on you D&D, may writers like you are not even born in the brothel of King's Landing. Shit on you #HBO too for letting them run this shit in the name of final season..

  15. D&D are not giving ANY answers to how they made season 8 epic failure. They are trying to hide behind all this good and talented actors that had no choice how the season will look like. I am sure most of that don't like it even more than most of the fans. Shame on HBO and D&D

  16. I’m going to miss this show. ❤️

  17. Guys if you would like to honour Cast and Crew of this exceptional show please check: http://chng.it/4vbrvbj8

  18. this should be a episode of seconds before disaster

  19. 00:32 poor people…butchered bye D&D

  20. "Every episode as much in it as a feature film"
    So that was a lie.

  21. I think all those people complaining need to go back to season 1 and start again. When you get back to season 8, watch it all again and you will change your mind. This cast and crew and everyone that was involved work their butts off to bring us this amazing show. It will be so missed. I am excited to see what went on behind the scenes.

  22. We need a Total War game for Game of Thrones. Make it happen!!!!!

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