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Nonton Game of Thrones Season 6: Life & Death at Castle Black (HBO) Sub Indo

Game of Thrones Season 6: Life & Death at Castle Black (HBO)

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  1. Gendry is the only living Baratheon

  2. I am doing this to save my account with Google and straighten up my FB ap

  3. Sensacional 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. "this character is something else" he certainly is my friend.

  5. You know nothing jon snow. You don't even know how to die.

  6. Melisandre told arya that they will meet again so since she left winterfell that's probably whats gonna happen

  7. Anybody notice how much has changed in the cinematography from season 1 to 6?

  8. All the Olly hate lol…so the paradox is Jon can kill a child who killed him for letting people who killed his parents inside the gates, but Jon can't kill a woman who burned a child alive. Got it.

  9. waiting to see Raeghar next season , hope you note that HBO .

  10. I dont understand… jon is baratheon or rhaengar?

  11. Just curious. Why do none of the Northern Lords seem to care that Jon Snow has deserted the nights watch? Desertion is a big crime in the North but no one seems to care and they declare him King in the North anyway. And if they do know, why do none of his vassals seem particularly bothered or at least in awe that he died and was ressurected?

  12. Sooooo…! When is the next episode??? I'm desperate

  13. Hold the door hold the door holddoor holddoor…….hodor…hodor

  14. kill the boy jon snow and let the man be born

  15. meh to me he is the same jon, not a change in his personality

  16. so excited for the next season .. but gosh the agony of waiting is so awful .. 😭

  17. how jon controlled when melisandre touches him

  18. i am really about the Robert rebbelion bc ser alliser last word are awesome and he is also on targerian side so wish we should see him again

  19. No one mention the necklace. Good, we all better forget it ever happened.

  20. what is dead may never die

  21. because of all this life and death shit, i hope he doesnt go crazy like other targeryans

    It's SO GOOD to see Owen Teale talk a little about his amazing performance as Ser Alliser.

  23. Still have a question: how did Jon find a Stark armour in Castleblack?! xD

  24. When I was at third grade i was making Bran

  25. Jon Snow so that Jon Stargaryen could rise

  26. guys were almost their….sik 🙁

  27. I'm glad Ollie died. Screw that kid.

  28. don't mess with John Snow!!

  29. "He has seen what lies after death… which is nothing." In other words: Jon Snow knows nothing.

  30. Jon Snow is dead. Aemon Targaryen, Son of Rhaegar rises.

  31. The wait is so long you ll be needing the milk of my poppy

  32. Life and death of castle black:)

  33. Was very sad to see Olly go. Always had a soft spot for him, even when he killed Jon. It was obviously a hard decision for him to make and you could see why he made it.

  34. If the dead is really nothing, Jon truly knows nothing

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