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Nonton Game of Thrones Season 6: Blooper Reel (HBO) Sub Indo

Game of Thrones Season 6: Blooper Reel (HBO)

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Watch bloopers from Game of Thrones Season 6.

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  1. Dear HBO: more GoT bloopers, please!

  2. Kit Harrington covering his modesty made me lose my shit

  3. game of thrones season 7 bloopers, when?

  4. Kakkakak kak kak kak kakkakkakak

  5. BE-NE-VO-LENT. Come on Peter

  6. Is Benevolent really that hard of a word?

  7. I wonder what song that is playing in the background

  8. Fuck-a Cock-a KAK KAK KAK

  9. and the belevabban… oh fuck me

    – peter dinkage

  10. fuck uuk aak fucked up all of my dothrakii

  11. Peter mixing up pronunciation of Melisandre and Missadei makes me feel so much better

  12. Can someone tell me what the whole sentence of Tyrion was?

  13. Fucked up aaaalll of my Dalthraki

    (If anyone knows how to spell that, please tell me)

  14. When season 7 bloopers from the shootings will be uploaded? Or we not gonna have them this year? I want to laugh XD

  15. 1:30 can we get a little less wax on the floor please

  16. Hi, If Tyrion Lannister will die,I dont like to watch next series!He is best,I love him!Sorry my English is not perfekt but I think everybody understand me,please tell me guys eny body knews when camt next series, I had to lose my job new I am at home and 3 weeks I had to watch 7 season, I weit season 8!

  17. 0:25 they should have left this in.

  18. 0:56 Peter Dinklage looking at Emilia's titties

  19. So, were the birds sent to the good Masters of Astapor, the wise Masters of Yunkai, and the benavol… belenov… ?

  20. You don't want Rory McCann swinging an axe at your head.

  21. What about Tormund lusting for Brienne? Apparently that made Gwendolyn Christie (a hardened actor) dissolve onset

  22. 0:45 1:31 I love Emilia Clarke so much! So funny ^_^

  23. I wink exactly the same as Kit 😂

  24. what did she say that made him spit out his water????

  25. Why the word 'benevolent' is so hard to pronounce? Even Conan (who host late night talk shows for decades!) can't say it right. https://youtu.be/JMfLw0FnP0s
    Maybe we should make a collection of celebrities saying the word 'benevolent' in a wrong way.

  26. Misandee… Missandei, right? Missandei… Melissandre… DAVID BENIOFF

  27. 1:27 and 1:45…They have done a great job of making Theon Greyjoy look taller than Alfie Allen!

  28. jon's bwink hahahahahahahahahahahhaha

  29. What was the exchange between the woman and Dinklage at the end of the video?


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