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Nonton Game of Thrones Season 4: Inside the Episode #9 (HBO) Sub Indo

Game of Thrones Season 4: Inside the Episode #9 (HBO)

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The battle brings out the best from the men of the Watch.

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  1. "You know nothing John Snow", lol looks like somebody has been trolled once again

  2. I'm still sad Bran hasn't been killed yet.

  3. "When things are at their worst, people are at their best."

  4. "I shall father no sons" ie "i shall have no heirs to my name" … doesn't say anything about having daughters with a woman you are not married to…..

  5. Watch my parody video of this lol

  6. Love game of thrones but they don't half like killing off interesting characters, there has to be a cut off point we have lost literally around 30+ decent characters, when does it become silly, at some point the characters left won't be as interesting.

  7. after reading the comments I'm not sure anymore if i dislike Stannis because i have reasons or because the writers project their hate on him on his scenes 😀

  8. That shot at 6:17. I know its silly (which wildling in the right mind would leave the de-facto leader of the Night's Watch to cradle his lost love in peace?), but you can't deny that it's a beautiful shot. Notice how in the background Ygritte's half of the screen is lit with fire while Jon's half of the screen is cold – an allusion to her being "kissed by fire" and Jon being a Snow perhaps.

  9. I wish they showed Grinn and his party vs the Giant…

  10. AHHHH! Going to have to watch them all again

  11. What happened to the giant below who charged the inside gate?

  12. I have a question, has the show introduced Coldhands and Bowen Marsh?

  13. grenn had one of the best deaths. that was so badass with the vows. i was sobbing before it even happened because they were walking into certain death but it was so fucking heroic and they got the job done. one of my favorite deaths right up there to Ned and Catelyn. ned telling yoren to save arya was such a nice touch and catelyn slitting that girls throat in an attempt to save robb was insane. like wtf cat that girl is about your daughters age.  whether they failed or succeeded those were some pretty great deaths because of the things they do right before it.

  14. This episode. This episode is THE best episode of GoT YET. I know, I know, I'm pushing it. But this is one massive ball of epicness. 

  15. "Big heavy aluminum sword" ??? Even in steel, Longclaw isn't a big or heavy sword… what a tool.

  16. Why are people so pissed with changes from the books? I've read them too and honestly, I'm happy with both versions of the story. It's a TV adaptation and quite a faithful one.

  17. "I shall father no children." Unless they have contraception in Westeros, the only way to be sure you father no children is to never have vaginal sex. So by "other activities" does he mean anal? Because I'm pretty sure that's not what Jon did with Ygritte.

  18. lol that quote from Sam. "Other 'activities' is for interpretation" 

  19. Best S4 episode just awsome.

  20. It was so great seeing this on an IMAX screen! Best episode of the series, imo.

  21. It can take a bit to get me teary eyed, but the scene when Ygrette is shot got to me.

  22. I love that Sam find a hole in the oath…LOL and you guys did great job in this episode with one long shoot that last about 10sec…great job with that one!! 

  23. are "The Giants" pure animation?..or mix..

  24. Hopefully they have 2 episodes dedicated to a giant battle this season

  25. WHY?! WHY did you choose to let Ygritte die? that was the biggest an emotional lovestory in all GoT episodes… there were emotional bonds between the charaters and the viewers…..bring her back to life.

  26. Fuck you Olly. You ruined this too?

  27. 6:27 Unfortunately this isn't the only scene where viewers experience a moment just like the character^^
    Don't ask me how i've experienced the red wedding and all the other mind-blowing scenes xD

  28. It's strange reading the books after seeing the episodes. I just finished the part in A Storm of Swords with this battle and I think I have a good appreciation for both versions now. With how it went down in the book the battle had no Sam, Gilly, Ser Alliser, Janos Slynt, Olly, no specific mention of Grenn or Pyp or Edd. I'm sort of glad I didn't read the book first though so I can't say, "Aw, they screwed it all up!"

  29. My heart died in this episode.

    loves Ygritte so much too

  30. When snow kills the white walker with his sword the walker's weapon is left there on the ground. Could they use that against them?

  31. so they killed grenn because he was nice and loyal and one of the fan favorite character !?!?

  32. Grenn in a sense took the place of Donal Noye who goes in the tunnel and Pyp is that one guy(can't remember his name) who was shooting arrows next to Jon and was killed in the books.

  33. The music they used, when Ygritte died, was so beautiful and so perfect for the scene.

  34. Even though this episode, (season 4 episode 9,) only takes place at Castle Black, SO MUCH important shit happens in this and the next episode.

    Ygtitte dies, Grenn and Pyp both die, (along with many others,) and in episode 10 Brienne fights the Hound, Stannis surrounds the Wildlings north of the Wall and captures Mance, and Jaime helps Tyrion escape and after he kills Tywin and Shae, he and Varys both set sail to Pentos.

    And I'm fairly certain I'm forgetting something.

  35. Ygrittes death was the most satisfying death I watched, after Joffery's

  36. why am i watching this 4 year later

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