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Nonton Game of Thrones Season 4: Inside the Episode #10 (HBO) Sub Indo

Game of Thrones Season 4: Inside the Episode #10 (HBO)

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Go inside the season 4 finale with the creators of Game of Thrones, only on HBO.

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  1. The fact that Tywin REALLY DIDN'T know what was going on with Cercei and Jaime right under his nose has been the biggest shock to me of the whole series.

  2. I love how Tyron got his dad with the pants down.
    Then the music reminding us of the Red Wedding just makes the circle complete.

  3. Who the fuck is lady stoneheart ? And what the fuck the hound killed by brienne of fuckin' tarth ? He was my fav..

  4. This is one of the fewest inside the episodes where they reflect on more than three scenes because they tend to focus on three crucial scenes in most featurettes of an episode. I guess this episode just had one too many powerful scenes that they couldn't overlook and they did the same with The Mountain and the Viper featurette because that episode had just as many powerfully crucial moments. 

  5. I don't think the hound dead I mean I don't read the books or anything but in this show I didn't see him die so if he's dead in season 5 i'll call bullshit

  6. I hate people who get mad at spoilers. It's been like twenty fucking years since book 1, stop being lazy fucks, or just stop going to the comments.

  7. I am really bothered by the fact that every scene shown in this video is far off from what actually happened in the books.  Every scene has something majorly wrong with it.
    In the books Stannis is the one who first figured out Joffrey's parentage and he told Jon Arryn his suspicions.
    Dany doesn't chain her dragons – the unsullied do.
    Tyrion chokes Shae because he hates her and his nickname was her "Giant of Lannister".
    Tyrion shoots Tywin when he refers to Tysha as a whore.  "Wherever whores go".
    The hound never fights Brienne.
    Brienne never meets Arya.
    Gah, it goes on.

  8. Based on some of your comments below, I am reaffirmed in my belief in always watching the show before reading the book.  The book will ruin the movie, but I have never had a movie ruin the book because the book is 99.9% of the time way better anyways.  

  9. i feeel bad for the hound. dont know what to feel about arya NOT killing him.

  10. Did Stanis owe nothing to Robb?

  11. I honestly think Varys the Eunuch is the most dangerous man in Westeros right now.

  12. i am thinking that the very first scene of season 5 next week may be lady stoneheart hanging someone, just like the prologue of book 4

  13. its bulshit when a women win over hound

  14. I haven't even read the book but I knew that Brienne didn't kill sandor. On my opinion maybe oberyn can beat him and Jaume as well as the mountain could give him a fight, apart From that he can't be beaten especially by her. This was a bad exit for the hound and didn't take into account his injury

  15. They say "the past 40-odd years" – but if Jaime and Cersei are 40 as Joffrey said in S04E01, shouldn't Tyrion be about 36?

  16. 4×10 STANNIS = PERFECT ..

  17. In the books Shae never seemed to love Tyrion like in the show she did.. She was just always asking for dresses and jewelry. She only liked riches.
    Also i hated the plotbreaking Brienne vs the Hound scene.. While that was a cool fight, brienne would not actually stand a chance against the hound, besides it changed so much from the book for the worse.

  18. Dammit, the hound was my favourite character and he died 🙁

  19. Brienne should have gave Arya Hot Pie's Wolf bread. Excited for season 5 🙂

  20. At the minute 6:45 – Mance sad : I send 400 men to climb the wall in an unguarded area 5 miles away. Many will day climbing but most of them will be over by the end of the day … . Question is : What happend with those man ?? I don't like related facts but unfinished. Maybe few people from those 400 succeded to climb the wall and killed few men from The Night Watch. How is that ??? I don't see the relevation of telling this story ???

  21. Stannis has respect for Neds family what about when he used the gendry's blood to kill robb

  22. Good as that last scene was, the way it was written in the book was so much better. Such dark mockery from Tyrion in that moment.

  23. We should all be thanking Arya for not killing the most brutal badass in GoT.

  24. well, not the happiest day for Tywin

  25. "felt betrayed by one another"…Tyrion never betrayed her and if she felt tyrion betrayed her she is one hell of an idiot

  26. Sad to say, but Tywin should have locked Searcy up in a dungeon and threw away the key.

  27. I'm not a book reader, and looking back, this has been my favorite season…

  28. "Stannis feels a lot of respect for the Ned Stark's family"
    yet he cast a leech for Rob

  29. Podrick should have told Arya about meeting Hotpie and the bread. She would have gone with them then.

  30. season 7: Brienne and Hound are talking proudly about their grown up assassin Arya..:P

  31. Dark Arya what a tradgey she have become.

  32. Im few years late yes, but wanted to just say how great job they did on Tyrion in that scene when he kills Shae and Tywin. He wasnt anymore that smart, kind of proud super game player Tyrion we all know and love. They really made him look and feel like the Imp, that mourderous, evil little creature, who came to world to fuck Tywins shit up. The one everyone heard stories about around and through the Seven Kingdoms.

  33. I was pissed by the actions of Arya there.

  34. What's a man of the Night's Watch doing in a Wildling camp?!

  35. Hey look! GOT's peak! All trash after this 🙂

  36. Desire for the Iron Throne corrupted Stannis as it did everyone else.

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