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Nonton Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #9 Preview (HBO) Sub Indo

Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #9 Preview (HBO)

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  1. SPOILER: Jon Snow…

    …is in this episode

  2. Sam 🙁 if sam dies I'll quit GoT

  3. Only 10 more hours till i can see this epicness! #GameOfThrones  

  4. good news, no deanerys scene for all episode

  5. the story line ont the wall is so fascinantig!!! atmosphere, white walker, wilding, craws, warg, true epic/horror fantasy … 

  6. I am rooting for the wildings. I hope they smash that place down.

  7. i think jon or sam (for some reason) should kill ygritte! If you know what happens please dont reply! 😀

  8. It will be epic when Stannis arrives.

  9. POSSIBLE SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!1111exlamationmark!!!one!!!!!!!

    Doesn't Jon Snow get stabbed 4 times in this battle or is that further along? I swear I read something about that in one of the books.

  10. Tyrion will stay alive. His Brother will free him. Furthermore the Castle will resist, when the Savages come.

  11. Hey – does anyone know the name of the song in this preview? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  12. I hope everyones perspective of JOn and the Wall change after this episode and of course…


  13. do NOT read the comments cause the night is dark and full of spoilers!!!!!
    do NOT read the comments cause the night is dark and full of spoilers!!!!!
    do NOT read the comments cause the night is dark and full of spoilers!!!!!

  14. Stannis Stannis STANNIS!!

  15. The Wall houses the most tedious storyline ever, well done Game of Thrones. Leave us pining with that Tyrion cliffhanger

  16. If Tyrion is killed off I SWEAR BY THE OLD GODS AND THE NEW


  17. Cmon Jon, Remind us what the Starks can do!!

  18. This by far was the best episode in the entire series in my opinion. Don't get me started on that wall scythe. . . . okay, it was the coolest part of the episode!

  19. They brought back Bones!!! 8D Best season trailer song they have EVER used!

  20. Y'know, a lot of people might disagree, but I'd say that Jon's fight with Styr, or Tormund's fight with Alliser was more intense than Oberyn vs Gregor. I'm not talking about the ending of Oberyn's fight (which was extremely intense), just the fight itself. I felt like there was no steel hitting against steel like the fights in this episode. 

    I also wonder if that's just because Neil Marshall is such a talented director.

  21. Please, GOT, Please kill Tarly

  22. Tyrion Lannister escapes and kills his dad Tywin who is in bed with Shae, and Jon Snow dies in the next episode or next season its already written in the books thank me later guys !

  23. best episode of all game of thrones seasons

  24. What a battle…. Awesome special effects!

  25. Boooring!!!!!  I can't believe the producers and writers dedicated a whole episode to repetitive scenes of fighting in the darkness; 15 minutes of that battle would have more than enough.  But: a whole hour? ….

    What about the other (a lot more interesting) story lines? Tyrion, Sansha, Dany….  We always get several story lines in every single episode, and that is what makes the series so fascinating. Why this episode was just one long, repetitive, never-ending, boring battle?

  26. It was a heartbreaking episode to watch for more reasons than one.

  27. hey
    Please give me a chance by checking out a video of mine!
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    The Rains of Castamere and opening Theme from GoT:)

  28. I have pretty much loved every single episode but this one.  It was kind of boring.  

  29. RIP Mag Mar Tun Do Weh..

  30. One of the best episodes yet! and even though i know what happens i still CANNOT WAIT for the next episode 🙂

  31. Killing off Grenn & Pyp early was bullshit.

  32. Killing off Grenn & Pyp early was bullshit.

  33. I HAVE BEEN WAITING ON 'THIS' GAME OF THRONES SINCE THE BEGINNING OF SEASON 1. Waiting 4 fuking seasons for this was 'worth it'. Finally, the real story.

    When the North (true north) comes down past the Wall all the other lil bickering and  shitty drama in the 7 Kingdoms will come to a brief end.

    When you got Giants riding Mammoths, White Walkers and other magical creatures coming to your home town to keel you and or eat you and your children it all the sudden will become US vs THEM.

  34. Im pretty sure they lost more than 102 guys defending the castle….

  35. Can anyone name the song. Please thanks

  36. too bad jon snow died in this episode

  37. Whose watching this in 2016 😛

  38. Next weeks episode will beat this i think based on the trailer

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