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Nonton Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #9 Clip – Wildlings March on the Wall (HBO) Sub Indo

Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #9 Clip – Wildlings March on the Wall (HBO)

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  1. Anybody else think the music in the beginning sounds like The Dark Knight Rises?

  2. Ooooooh, I am the last of the giants,
    my people are gone from the earth.
    The last of the great mountain giants,
    who ruled all the world at my birth.
    Oh the smallfolk have stolen my forests,
    they've stolen my rivers and hills.
    And they've built a great wall through my valleys,
    and fished all the fish from my rills.
    In stone halls they burn their great fires,
    in stone halls they forge their sharp spears.
    Whilst I walk alone in the mountains,
    with no true companion but tears.
    They hunt me with dogs in the daylight,
    they hunt me with torches by night.
    For these men who are small can never stand tall,
    whilst giants still walk in the light.
    Oooooooh, I am the LAST of the giants,
    so learn well the words of my song.
    For when I am gone the singing will fade,
    and the silence shall last long and long.

  3.  Ep 8 was far much better for me, my favourite of all series actually. People gives too much attention to those fights, I prefer all the politics and 1 vs 1 fights like the Viper vs Mountain.

  4. Some people here who critize that we saw too many nightwatch deaths compared to the wildlings seemed to forget, that not only the shavenheaded Tenns are wildlings. Non-Thenn-wildlings look very similar to crows.

  5. I'm really looking forward to see Tyrion kill Tywin and Shae! 

  6. Why not attack the wall where the castles are empty ? Castle Black is the only castle left with the Night Brothers.
    Yes, the other castles entrance is sealed, but they could have just climbed that part of the wall then just attack Castle Black from the top.

  7. When I saw the giant riding the mammoth, I was like, "Oh Fuck." 

  8. can someone explain the forest fire?

  9. Definitely they should have hired a better "battle director" for this scenes, someone with a more epic, Peter Jackson-ish vision of cinematography, but unlike so many whinning babies and lame girls out there complaining that the battle was too long and they wanted to see Tyrion, I LOVED this episode because I originally bought the books and started watching the show not to see the enldess intrigues of the Lannisters (that's not what the summary of book 1 sold), but to see the White Walkers, the battles on the Wall, a story truly focused on the wild and viking-like lives of the Starks, and actual fantasy stuff.

    I am part of the very traditional fantasy-and epic-stories lovers out there that actually watch/read GOT along with Vikings or movies like Lord of the Rings, medieval war films and even Star Wars, so this episode was a delight for all of us in this type of audience.  Besides, for political intrigue, other shows (epic and contemporary) are better that GOT, like The Tudors, Rome, the extraordinary series called Borgia, or House of Cards. So, I'm glad at least for one episode this was not Game of Lannisters Talking and Killig Each Other, and that I could watch the Game of Thrones that I paid for, actually.  

  10. Does anyone know what the OST for this scene is called? 

  11. wildlings=wild men of dunland

  12. It was really good ep…..I was little disappointed because whole ep was on the wall but it's totally justefied,they kill some of my favorite characters, and the night watch deserve full war episode…reminded me of LOR battle at first,BUT GIANTS and fucking MAMMOTHS were so refreshing and awesome!!! …It was great to see the watch finaly at real action fighting for their lifes and defending the wall…not just traning and wandering around…John takes control and goes to suicide mission after, with no sword and wolf at the end…now when I watched again,it feels different now I like that whole episode was on the wall….:) btw.Action scenes and battle shoots are amazing!

  13. Tormund was awesome in this episode. I love how Sam and Ben had to escape as Tormund was climbing up the castle wall, and once he was up the other crows were just tiny obstacles in his way.

  14. I've been waiting see the mammuths since last season

  15. My suggestion to defeating the wildlings: Fill the barrels with oil, catapult them as far as possible, set the forest on fire, all the wildling camps burn to the ground.

  16. Shit this was a good set up scene

  17. That older Giant is a father to the younger one that is on mammoth's back and that's why that younger one,his son went berserk when they killed him.

  18. I don't want to upset any one but there are a lot of plot holes in this show. like why did the wild-lings not pick any other part of that mile long wall to cross, on some maps you can see that there are clear gaps at the side's?
    and there are plenty of other obvious plot hols 

  19. I love the movie. It is to be watch over and over without getting tired of it. Please keep it going.

  20. A group of crows is called a murder. It is known.

  21. The Giants died way to fast imo.

  22. who the fuck is sending the king of giants with escort of 1 or 2 other giants?!

  23. Now give one of those giants up scaled heavy knight armor and a massive warhammer…

  24. This scene gave me chills. Really made me feel the wildness of the wildlings. The giants and the mammoth looked majestic af.

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