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Nonton Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #8 Clip – Sansa's Testimony (HBO) Sub Indo

Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #8 Clip – Sansa's Testimony (HBO)

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  1. That filth. Kill the bitch. I order you as your KING !

  2. Yes!!!! This is what I needed from you Sansa~! 
    Common guys, don't hold her past against her. Everyone grows up and learns. Even Arya did (only she started from a better place than Sansa).
    I want to see more of this new and improved Sansa. It'd be a shame to kill her off now.
    Oh, and uh, by the way….

  3. It seems Sansa is really starting to take Cersei's drunken advice to heart…

  4. In the books Sansa changes her identity which is very important for her safty, so how can she still be Sansa although Cersei thinks she has murdered Joff with her husband tyrion???

  5. Sansa has finally figured out how to play the game of thrones.

  6. Sansa just entered the game 😀

  7. "Sansa has joined the game"

  8. So why did she lie? What''s the purpose of her lying? I don't think it benefits her.

  9. Anyone else think Lysa hit her really hard in the head and she became so smart.

  10. I don't understand why so many people see Sansa as either a dumb little girl or a conniving political mastermind fully capable of playing Baelish at his own game. Isn't it possible that she's a little bit of both, or that she's just a nearly powerless and scared young woman who has learned enough about the reality of court politics to make use of the tiny bit of power she has (that is, Baelish's lust) and to play whatever role keeps her safest?

     Baelish might be the devil, but he's invested in her survival (since he wants to possess her sexually) and he's also about the best mentor in court politics that she could hope to have. Her parents knew that she might become queen one day, but didn't bother teach her any of the skills which a lady of the court needs to survive; the reason that she was so dumb in the first book was because Ned and Catelyn totally neglected to talk with her about the realities of court life. Baelish seems like a pretty good teacher and, given that she has only been playing the game for a short while, Sansa seems to be doing pretty well. But it doesn't follow that she's some kind of political genius.

     All she is at the moment, is a devoted and somewhat student who is still mastering court politics..And given that she's still so young, there's nothing wrong with that. Providing that GRRM doesn't kill her off horribly, I'm sure Sansa willl be playing the game as well as Margaery in a year or three. She might eventually even be able to get one over on Petyr, although that dude probably  got his talents and luck by selling his soul and performing demonic rites involving a fridge full of adorable orphans, and Sansa might not be sociopathic or driven enough to do any of that….

  11. excellent acting performance by sophie turner in this scene she's good!!!

  12. I never cared that much about Sansa, she was allways my least favorite stark. But I must say she has had an interesting and hard journey so far. Being a completely helpless and naive girl at first, then live under a tyrranic psycho and getting abused and forced to live in fear each day.. THEN finally escape only to be almost killed by your mad aunt 😉  She is learning to adapt now it seems. I hope she sees through that manipulative, evil genius though. Maybe she will end up being his downfall? I hope so. Baelish is a terrific character and makes for one of the shows best villains, but he deserves death for starting a damn war over being friend-zoned.

  13. Besides what everyone else thinks. I think Sansa and little finger will make a subversive coalition. Can't wait to see what George and the show does with them. I think little finger is taken aback by her speed of learning or that's she's absorbing what he says at all. But he's obviously grooming her for something, there's another game being played here,Sansa thinks she has some upper edge but I don't see it going anywhere for a while. Love Sansa though- amazing character development.

  14. That scene was all wrong, she never revealed who she was in the show, she even painted her hair dark, so she could be Alayne Stone, bastard daughter (not niece) of Littlefinger.

    Well, the show keep butchering the books, I'm merely watching it as a different entity, not really seeing this as ASOIAF

  15. Fun fact, that man in armor in the room (Bronze Yohn Royce) once fought Ned Stark and Jory Cassel at the same time in a training duel and won

  16. Damn he is pinning her down with that smoldering stare at the end.

  17. Sansa finally grows up and then they do she being raped. I do not read the books but I heard that there it does not happens. Fuck this shit, I hate the unnecessary rape that happens in the show that is for nothing nothing but to show nude and make good characters become hateful (except Ramsay because he was already hateful since the beginning).
    Dany was raped, Cersei was raped, Sansa was raped… And for what? What was the point of that bullshit? We are talking about the Middle Ages where woman were absolutely oppressed (much more than nowadays) then of course there would be rape in the series and I would be hypocritical to claim that when they do other things as brutal as. But when the girls are raped for no reason and even worse, they fall in love – or continue passionate – to the motherfucker who raped them, it just pisses me off. If it is to have something disgusting like rape (that doesn't happens in the books) in the shows so at least that the rape shit has another goal besides nude and make the characters suffer. That the woman who was raped evolve, mature, take revenge and become badass bitches.
    I'm really tired of unnecessary rapes that happen for nothing but to show that this is a different and brutal series where the good people suffer also…

  18. That was some really believable crying Sansa, well done

  19. "Run let my guards in, then. Quick now, there's no time to lose. This lady wife's just killed my lady wife."

  20. Sansa 's a pretty good liar. She also showed a bit of her lying skills when she lied to Jon later.

  21. Watching GOT for the first time, and Sophie's acting is fantastic!

  22. Can you make a tribute video for ser vance corbraY?

  23. So she testifies in front of Royce and Littlefinger that Lysa suicided via moondoor. Then at the end of Season 7 she accuses Baelish of her murder in front of Royce.

    1. Why doesn't Littlefinger bring up this testimony.
    2. Why doesn't Royce bring up this testimony.

    Answer to both: Writers are on acid.

  24. For once, Sansa did something right

  25. Dumb bitch…

    Then she got sold to the Boltons. All the things Ramsay did to her, was her own fault

  26. She was so good, she even had me convinced. Lol.

    Sansa is just gonna keep getting better at the game.

  27. Dumb bitch she haven't learned anything from season 1..

  28. Am I the only one that thinks that Lord Royce doesn't buy it?

  29. This is not the first time Sansa lied.the girl has been lying since season 1 that's what her direwolf lady gote killed. But this is the first time the girl started to manipulate.

  30. It is at this moment…. Little finger knew….. He fucked up.

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