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Nonton Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #8 Clip – Dany Confronts Jorah (HBO) Sub Indo

Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #8 Clip – Dany Confronts Jorah (HBO)

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  1. you're nothing without him, dragonwhore!

  2. Lol, the sluttery she has…
    She let a complete stranger she only met to fuck her in her own dorm after he broke in and used some fluttery words.
    But her loyal friend who's been with her for all this time…?
    Most of the girls will forever be the same with some alchohol consumed. Based on personal experience with girls… And not nice ones too.
    She also let the throne get to her head. Hope she will pay for that.

    But, I'm still aware that she hasn't broken the rules, like Ned and Rob Stark did. Thus she'll probably won't die any time soon. They gave up on their values and died, they stopped living by their own moral codes.
    Everyone who gives up on themselves will get a heavy punishment. Depends on their act.
    Notice how Theon betrayed the family and village who raised him and loved him, he got a fate FAR worse than death.
    Ned who was always loyal to his rules and to his family got to die instantly. The reason he died was because he gave up on what he believed in. He confessed for something that he never did, and by that, betraying his moral rules. But he died instantly, because he was a good man.
    As for Rob and his mother, the reason they died was because they broke an oath to the Gods.
    Anyone who dies for a reason. Either they break an Oath, or betray themselves.

  3. "If you're found in Meereen past break of day, I'll have your head thrown into Slavers Bay"
    That line is in iambic pentameter.

  4. 'Khaleesi please, get me out of the friends zone'
    'Ok, we're not friends anymore'
    'Yeah !!!!!!'
    'We're enemies'

  5. she shoulda used jorah to her advantage and send false letters

  6. Not exactly Selmy's finest moment. He knew the people in charge of Kings Landing, the same people who kicked him out of the King's Guard. Yet he bought this hook, line and sinker, because he was in competition with Jorah for Dany's loyalty.

  7. Fuck Jorah, you made all the wrong decisions here.  First, you should have been the one to tell her, and waaay earlier.  Second, you definitely shouldn't have denied it's authenticity.  Third, you try to defend your deception with your actions since then.  Fourth, this was the WORST moment to tell her you love her.  Fifth, you beg and reach for her…why would you think you'd be able to do that?  Read the room, man, you fucked up.

  8. you can see the hurt in her eyes and the guilt in his eyes but as soon as he confesses his love to her in season 6 and show her the grey scale she is the one left felling guilty but he tells her not to be sorry after that she forgives him and everything is finally cool again :'D

  9. Jorah always has at least 3 days growth. Does he ever shave?

  10. People seem to really dislike Emilia's acting in this scene but I disagree. This way it makes Dany seem infuriating, confused and sad at the same time, not even being able to look him in the eyes. Trying not to let her emotions control her and keep it cool.
    Makes it a bit more heartbraking for Jorah.

  11. Hypocrisy right here.

    She sends away Jorah for "betraying" her, which is stupid since he's saved her and risked his life for her beyond counting but allows Barristan, a guy in relatively the same boat as Jorah, to remain by her side.

  12. Daenerys' voice when she says 'you betrayed me' so sad.

  13. "i have protect you, fought for you, kill for you… i had love you…" :'(

  14. See, people call her accomplishments luck and maybe some of them really were, however, the reason Daenerys got to where she is is because she scrutinizes and filters the people she surrounds herself with.
    She doesn't want to deal with dishonest people, she doesn't want to deal with ex-traitors. She chooses carefully who she puts her trust in and her judgment of others is usually right.
    She may not be the most experienced ruler or a strategist, but to be fair, she almost always listens to her advisers and takes their counsel, as she's aware of her lack of competence in those fields. That's more than Cersei or Ellaria or many other characters can say.

  15. Roses are red, winter is grey, if you're found in Mereen past break of day, I'll have your head thrown in slavers bay.

  16. 1:27, am I the only one who thinks that death stare is the creepiest thing ever?

  17. “don’t ever presume to touch me again or speak my name.” probably emilia’s best line delivery of the whole series

  18. One of the best Emilia scene of the entire show. And I totally understand Dany's rage – he betrayed her from the beginning and not only put herself in danger but also her unborn child. A good deed doesn't wash off the bad, and vice versa. I would've banished him too if I were her, regardless of whether or not he was on my side or in love with me. Fuck him! Only don't because I still like him, I'm just sad that it even happened…. 🙁
    Thankfully she accepts him back ib season 6 <3

  19. The way she says "Go. Now." at the end shows so much emotion that she doesn't dare to show on her face because she's trying to keep the facade of "you are nothing to me now" but in fact she's really hurting on the inside. You might need to up your volume and wear earphones to catch it, but she lets out a tiny fragment of her usual voice through the whisper and it's really heartbreaking and very hard to produce, which gives away what a brilliant actor she is. Emilia is way under-appreciated as an actor!

  20. DT = the most ungrateful self serving full of shit twat in all the realm

  21. Only if you let him touch because now he really can't

  22. "Killed my father and took my brothers throne"? pretty sure it should have been killed my brother and took my fathers throne

  23. Ice in her voice and fire in her eyes, lesser men would have been unable to look her in the eye from the very start.

  24. Dany's acting like the stranger in the Limmy's Show sketch "Follow a stranger." Link below. 😛

  25. 4 years later and it's still one of my favorite scenes with her. She shows so much repressed emotion in this. Spectacular acting,

  26. This scene is a masterpiece. Emilia's acting is excellent for me

  27. this escene has more drama and good writing than the whole season 8, man I miss this show

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