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Nonton Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #10 Preview (HBO) Sub Indo

Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #10 Preview (HBO)

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  1. how long i have to wait for s05?

  2. Dany fucks around too much in Essos, dismissed Jorah, loses control of dragons, her husband is dead and no more Targaryen boobies – I'm really getting out of fucks to give about her.

  3. Well, if we know one thing, it's that there's a team of dedicated spies spying on Michelle Fairley, hacking into her email, going through her trash, hiding under the floor boards of her kitchen pantry, all for word about she who must not be named or it will spoil it for everyone who doesn't know. 

  4. If you have time, check out me and my girlfriend's Game of Thrones with Frozen parody 🙂 We would love to know what you think 

  5. You better not make it so the Hound dies, stupid feminist producer

  6. plz someone tell me the name of song which played at the end of episode…the title theme with lyrics..

  7. The episode was just bad like they fucked up the whole 3 EYED RAVEN  thing and killikg Jojen, the dragons get locked out I was really pissed they focus so much on the things that happen in Westros  that they neglect characters like Dany  she has some really good parts in the book and they just took that away!!!

  8. охх  ..эпично то как)))

  9. What is the name of the song used here?

  10. I really fucking cannot wait another year for season 5 so after weeks of contemplating i have just purchased the first book and i feel fabulous 

  11. anyone looking for an awesome game of thrones t shirt? http://teespring.com/CrowsHoes

  12. Melhor série de todos os tempos !!!

  13. When the new section ?

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    Bran will be a flying wizzard and will throw fireballs.
    Ned Stark will return in a "diffrent" form.
    Jamie will sit on the throne.

  16. Come one come all to Brienne Self-Defence Class!!

    Now i know what you thinking. Just using pepper spray or kicking to the groin…nope. See these move in actions as Brienne faces the Hound.

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