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Nonton Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #10 – Brienne vs. the Hound (HBO) Sub Indo

Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #10 – Brienne vs. the Hound (HBO)

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The actors behind Westeros’ two fiercest fighters discuss their confrontation.

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  1. I don't think The Hound is dead.. And I thought that Brienne was gonna die there lol
    I don't know but… Brienne and The Hound make a cute couple lol I mean a badass couple. 

  2. Does anyone know what the soundtrack is when they are fighting?

  3. Upset about Stoneheart. Would've been fucking epic.

  4. Lotta people think Sandor should have won this duel.  I think it is perfect this way.  The show had to come up with a reason for the Hound dying because they drifted away from the novels for this sequence. 

    Sandor was wounded before this fight, thus his ability to fight was hindered.  Also, he didn't have the two handed longsword he normally fights with.

    Also, people really underestimate Brienne.  In the melee in Book 2, she outlasted like a hundred other guys and took on Loras one on one, who is a martial prodigy.

    Anyways, Sandor didn't have a lot to live for, and I think he realized that in this fight.  Thus he didn't have his normal survivor's instinct set.  Poor guy.  He was a major asshole, but that was only because he never had anyone in life who cared about him.

  5. such a silly scene, the choreography, the outcome, EVERYTHING. Also I'm not fond of the brienne actress, shes too flabby it makes her fights even more silly and she keeps pouting her lips and mugging at the camera – anyone else notice this?

  6. Not bothered about Stoneheart, a silly idea by GRRM and it would of looked extremely corny on screen – just look at the Children of the Forest – I've never cringed so much in my life! I understand budget problems and all, but still…

  7. Finally a long combat scene where you don't know who will win. Long combat scenes in movies where you got the invulnerable protagonist is shit boring because you know what will happen in the end. Just becomes a waste of time

  8. I grin every time when actors tell about characters` development or how they see them in the future. Idiots. Read the books and you see.

  9. Haha, Rory's accent is something entirely different from Hound's. But i don't think it would be that bad 

  10. Christ, it's like listening to Batman fanboys on every single video to do with this fight scene. "Waaa Brienne can't beat the Hound, the Hound's awesome! He's all angry and badass and likes chicken too much to get beaten buy a stupid girl!" The Hound might be good but he's been traveling for months with limited food and he's got an infected wound slowing him down. Plus Brienne is very good herself. She's the female version of the Hound basically. Jaime even said so himself in the books. I'm a Hound fan as well but for fuck sake get over it.

  11. The Hound is not fucking dead, he's just tired, and after he wake's up from his nap, I believe he should buy a really nice house with a really nice wall to put Brienne's head on it.

  12. Well…. they totally changed that up from the books. Alright, then.

  13. Sandor, my man! My second favorite character 🙂

  14. The hound was my favourite… 🙁

  15. "I'll be limping for awhile" that's it, he said It – CLEGANEBOWL GET FUCKING HYPE!

    What is Hype may never Die.

    Valor DuHyPeLess.

  16. Arya owed the Hound some fucking mercy, some kind words & a hug I reckon regardless of his past actions!

  17. Why in book brienna and sandor dont meet each other? Sandor die not from brienn sword..wtf?

  18. Give him a chicken and we'll see how it goes…Also, how tall is Gwendoline? 😀

  19. The book hound died from a wound he suffered while single-handedly taking down an inn full of bandits.
    The showhound got killed by a woman, who asspulled the victory from a fight she CLEARLY was losing

  20. Best fight scene in the whole series so far.

  21. I hope every single on of you that are saying that they are trying to show some "girl power" and "realistically he would've won" are casual misogynists and general pissbabies. They are both talented at fighting, she just won this round. Deal with it and stop being a crybaby.

  22. Best fight throughout the whole series! And I do hope The Hound is alive! #FuckTheKing #FuckWater lol

  23. I love getting to know the actors

  24. The hound needs to come back! Nobody says "Fuck the King" better than him >.<

  25. cheers for the profile pic brienne

  26. I cried I couldn't believe sandor died his my favorite acter and it all happened because he took a shit :''(

  27. the hound isnt dead after all that

  28. Also have to remember The Hound was previously injured due to the infected bite on his neck. He definitely was not on his A game that fight. Even Arya told him previously that he was moving much slower because of it, and he wouldn't let her burn it so it got worse.

  29. They both are my fav characters, it was difficult to see one of them losing. But I always kept the hope intact about Sandor were still alive 😀

  30. The best fight scene! Brienne and the Hound were fucking awesome!!

  31. Brienne is so bad ass!

  32. Where the fuck is that you dumb bitch 😂😂😂

  33. stupidest and worst fight scene in the entire series. this fight never happens in the books. the hound does not even know breinne exists. in the books hound is so fast and powerful he can actually cut men in half, not to mention giving frey soldiers and 5 kings men one punch head trauma thn killing them all against overwhelming odds. breinne as good a fighter as she is would have been lucky to have stayed alive for 6 seconds against Sandor Clegane….really screenwriters, Really???

  34. I still think it's pretty dumb to make brienne win over Sandor. After all he's one of the strongest fighters in westeros

  35. He begged for death even though arya stak didn't kill him

  36. Fuck this shit Sandor should have won. He's the fucking hound.

  37. One of my favourite scenes from the entire show. Reunion battle when the Hound's in the North?

  38. 1:281:36
    Wow! You must have been injected you with adrenaline totally!

  39. She beat the hounds assss!!!

  40. So they actually hit each other?

  41. Awesome fight.. His fall was more than awesome..

  42. That laugh at the end… I think I'm in love.

  43. They are like parents fighting for knowing which one will keep their daughter

  44. If he had a good armour, wasn't infected, was properly fed, he would've won.

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