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Nonton Game of Thrones Season 3 Recap: Politics of Power (HBO) Sub Indo

Game of Thrones Season 3 Recap: Politics of Power (HBO)

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  1. this is like Got parks and recreation crossover

  2. One would think they had some kind of safety mechanism with their unsullied after five thousand years of slavery, but apparently no one ever had that idea before?

  3. is it just me or what , but id rather fuck cersei than margaery?


  5. personally I don't think anyone is worthy of sitting on the Iron throne, nearly all of my favourite characters are dead and there is not enough people to stop the white walkers getting over the wall.
    maybe a cleansing is really the best way to go for the realm.

  6. Love the way how Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) tells the story.

  7. Damn, that season was so good ! Not just the red wedding, but all the build up to it. Roose Bolton when he was still relevant and mysterious, the Brotherhood without banner, Jaime and Brienne on the road… Makes me want to rewatch it all over again.

  8. Just go to ScreenVariety website. Push Switch to and enjoy the quality of your stream

  9. بیشتر بفرستید بهتر بفرستید

  10. They need to do this kind of detailed recap for every season!

  11. I forgot jon snow already almost died by igrid

  12. "That's what intelligent women do: what they are told."
    *temptation to slap the fucker intensifies

  13. the way Selmy died was the gayest shit ever, I bet he got killed because all the fan cunts didn't know who he was or thought he was just an old man

  14. Why didn't Snow find Bran. Hodor or one of the others should have went down. The direwolves should have been a hint that Bran and his brother were nearby.

  15. I sort of like the ASOIF where it wasn't the unsullied and the Second Sons but the Mothers Men which is a sect of unsullied and the Stormcrows. But I understand why the TV show left them as the Unsullied and the Second Sons. Character compression is a vital part of any adaptation from book to screen.

  16. Emilia Clarke isn't half as attractive as everyone's wild masturbatory fantasies make her out to be, and she is an atrocious actress.

  17. this recap is soo great when u stopped watching season 3 because of school and now u started the 4th one and ur like wth

  18. Damn it, the Red Wedding…

  19. Geoffrey isn't a monster. He's just a c*nt.

  20. Looks like Jon Snow knows something (;

  21. youre coming with me wolf girl,,lol love the hound.

  22. Experiencing the red wedding again still gets my pulse accelerated

  23. didn't know Richard Madden who plays Robb was Scottish

  24. still, i self-ejaculate

  25. Game of Thrones 3 ich suche Trailer von Game of Thrones Staffel 7

  26. In the german version Reek is called Stinker.

  27. Are there more season recaps like this? Can't find one for season 4

  28. "He doesn't rate his chances of survival very high." Yeah, once again up you know nothing, bro.

  29. I love Locke… Wish he had more screen time.

  30. The emotions in Michelle Fairley talking about how Walder Frey was reveling in their mystery says it all.. She's amazing. Winterfell! Winterfell!

  31. Catelyn didn't know The Raines of Castemere?

  32. 12:00 is that allowed on YouTube.

  33. In my opinion Emilia can't really act. She has like 3 facial expressions in total and always looks just tense like she swallowed a spear or something. She never makes you forget that she acts..

  34. If Arya had hidden out maybe Robb would've found her lol

  35. I forgot the actor who plays Joffery is Irish so it's strange at first to hear his real accent

  36. When Theon took Winterfell, Rob was supposed to march back to winterfell and deal with Theon. Instead he left his duty to Boltons. When the Kalstarks abandoned camp he was supposed to go after them and deal with it, instead he kept going south. The show made him look but like a good strategist and a fool at the same time. He commanded thousands of men and couldn't appoint 20 men to enter kingslanding and attempt Prison break or kidnaping. At least they should try and fail.

  37. Sad bout rob and his mom

  38. Find Sansa Stark a new husband, F**K Tywin Lannister.

  39. In the book, "A Storm of Swords," it isn't Locke who chops Jaime's hand off.
    After leaving the boat at the Red Fork river, Jaime and Brienne are set upon by mercenaries from Essos, (who were hired to serve the Lannisters but have since switched sides to the Starks,) called the, "Brave Companions."

    They think Jaime's position as a captive is hilarious, and while taking the two of them to Harrenhall their commander, Vargo Hoat, orders Jaime Lannister's sword hand to be chopped off and sent as a morbid message to his father Tywin.

    Everything else is pretty much the same after;
    Roose Bolton is not amused, and allows Jaime to continue his journey to King's Landing without Brienne.
    Brienne gets thrown in the bear pit, and Jaime returns to Harrenhall, and jumps in the bear pit to save her.
    And he even says, off handedly, "Give Robb Stark my regards." to Roose Bolton before leaving.

    Alot of people who have read the books like to complain about how much different the show is from the source material.
    But, I think they did a REALLY good job.

    Naturally, it's not going to be exactly the same. But, for me it was like seeing what I'd read alive and in color on the TV.
    (If you just want the same as the books, you have it!
    The books!)

  40. Haha
    "Killed a few puppies today?"🤣

  41. Emilia Clarke is so kissable <3

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