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Nonton Game of Thrones Season 3 Blu-Ray- Deleted Scene Sub Indo

Game of Thrones Season 3 Blu-Ray- Deleted Scene

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Check out this deleted scene from Game of Thrones Season 3. The new Game of Thrones Season 3 Blu-Ray DVD will be available February 18th, 2014.

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  1. This part alone beats entire season 8

  2. Hate that they deleted this scene. It gives us more insight into Pycelle’s character and it’s another awesome moment for Tywin

  3. Making Pycelle smart would have created waaaay too many problems for the writers. Although, for example, a show like House of Cards can succeed in showing a man and his alter ego to the audience, this is achieved only with the help of extensive 4th wall breaking to prevent confusion.

  4. Why does this maester act weak and old ?

  5. They really should have kept this scene in

  6. I only like this scene because Tywin, in his own way, seems to respect a decision of Tyrion's. I don't care about the half-baked, quite cringey, actually, effort to give Pycelle character. Glad it was cut.

  7. This scene is gem. I wonder why they deleted this. 🤔

  8. What happened to this series?

  9. It would have been interesting to have this scene in to see that pycelle was such a cunning character

  10. Before tywin destroyed the baratheons he was seen skinning a stag
    Before destroying the tullys he is fishing
    Before he marches on the boltons he was seen putting skin back on flayed men

  11. For all of Pycelle's treachery that he's done I would've thought he was smart enough to not argue when Tywin asked: why should I let you back on my council?

    Pycelle: "The king's council"
    He should know by now that Tywin serving as Hand of the King is more powerful than Joffrey himself because he has the authority on making important and dangerous decisions. A smug snake like Pycelle doesn't challenge a powerful lion like Tywin, especially when said lion is hunting fish, hence being the sigil of House Tully

  12. Tywin please come back to us!!

  13. It's weird, seeing Tywin fishing, enjoying some "me" time.

  14. I didn't like this scene. Pycelle convinced the Mad King to open his doors to the Lannister army. He has spent at least 2 decades of service to Tywin. Here – Tywin doesn't even acknowledge his service. What is the point of serving someone, if they do not advance, recognise or protect you? Even if Tywin did now, it doesn't account for the last 20 years.

  15. Why was this deleted when it has some of the best dialogue in the season? Lol.

  16. 1:10 Plot twist
    Pycelle was trying to say "How could D&D fuck up the last season"

  17. Tywin: skins stag( Baratheon), kills some fish( Tully), burns the wolf skin that was with the sword Ice( Stark). This man's favourite hobby is destroying other houses' sigils. Now we only need to see him picking Roses( Tyrell), riping a squid open( Greyjoy), shooting a falcon( Arryn), and closing a window to prevent sunlight from entering( Martell).

  18. I like how Tywin called Tyrion "his son" in front of Pycelle. Shows that no matter how much he hated Tyrion, he still didn't trust anyone above family.

  19. Let's not forget that Pycelle was 100 percent right about killing the Targaryen siblings to save thousands.

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