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Nonton Flipping Out: Monroe Learns How To Swim (Season 11, Episode 6) | Bravo Sub Indo

Flipping Out: Monroe Learns How To Swim (Season 11, Episode 6) | Bravo

Is Monroe ready for this big milestone?
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Just when America’s favorite house flipper thinks his life could not be any more chaotic, Jeff Lewis embarks on the most unpredictable challenge yet – fatherhood. With no shortage of design work, tight deadlines and outrageous clients, tempers flare and antics commence as his two very different worlds collide. When employees – and nannies alike – become a revolving door, only his life partner Gage Edward, loyal executive assistant Jenni Pulos and unfazed housekeeper Zoila Chavez can keep him from flipping out entirely.

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Flipping Out: Monroe Learns How To Swim (Season 11, Episode 6) | Bravo

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  1. Good job dad!!! The younger they learn the better!!

  2. Gage should take Monroe and leave Jeff.

  3. Put noseclips on her when you go under. At the very least, tell her to "hold her nose" and show her how. Better yet, scratch my previous comment and give Monroe to Nate and Jeremiah.

  4. Monroe will leave Jeff before Gage does!

  5. When I was teaching my son I would blow in his face and go under water.

  6. Monroe is soooo cute!!! ❤❤❤

  7. That is a beautiful little girl.

  8. Gage should fck the swim instructor😆😆😆

  9. I lwarned to swim at age 3….My daughter learned at age 5…..She had a swim instructor….She learned confidence..and swam the length of an Olympic pool.3 times….It hurts to watch when ur the parent…Get to know and trust the swimming instructor..and let Monroe trust em too…..She'll be fine….She's adorable by the way…

  10. Gage takes so much abuse from Jeff he seems like a nice guy he should gtfo now a person who demands an accounting of what you’ve done in the morning and afternoon is neurotic just what you see on film Gage does a lot idk how he deals with that shit on a daily basis:(

  11. Hey Gage.. DON'T U, Jeff or Monroe go Anywhere!! We Need y'all to STAY ON Cable! We're NOT Done watching u! We love u! And we Want to Continue watching Monroe grow!! ♥️♥️♥️

  12. Gage, the best thing you and Jeff could do for her is let her experience everything, quit shielding her and being so over protective. And just because she cried doesn’t mean stop swimming, get out of the water and apologize to her, because than that’s her experience, fear & sheltering. You try again and again until she doesn’t cry and it becomes fun!

  13. Please keep at it. In Australia we have strict fencing rules but children still drown in backyard pools. Keep making it fun her her to be safe

  14. Jeff IS mentally ill. Period. I’m not making a proclamation to the show. If people who watch this show think it’s funny etc etc don’t understand mental illness. He has borderline personality. Look it up. Its what we call psychopaths. Bravo uses his crazy for ratings

  15. Way to go Monroe..baby steps..Gage..she knows you will always be there to protect her..so great she is learning now..xoxo from KY ❤👣❤

  16. Sad, sad there both going to hell
    Or End up with AIDS!!

  17. gage, is so, nice. monroe, very blessed, i dont know why, people, say such hurtful things. sad

  18. I'm not watching this season, it is just way too ugly these days. I feel sorry for Monroe actually. She's not aware now, but this relationship with Jeff and Gage is deteriorating and Monroe will not be better for it. Jeff has got real mental health issues and it's no joke and it's not funny anymore. I enjoyed the show in it's early years but it's totally off the rails these days and I"m not interested. There's enough crap going on in the world I don't need to seek it out.

  19. I wish we could see more Monroe

  20. Damn Gage is foooiinnneee!!!!😍

  21. She was facing backwards and was not ready. Have her where you can see her face and and she can see yours.

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