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Nonton Felicity – Opening Scene Sub Indo

Felicity – Opening Scene

She’s about to make the best mistake of her life! Felicity is streaming anytime on the new ABC app.


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  1. Dear Felicity,
    Here it goes. I’ve watched you for four years. Always wondered what you were like…what was going on in your mind all the time that you were so quiet, just thinking, drawing in your notebook. I should have just asked, but I never asked you. So, now, four years later, I don’t even know you, but I admire you. Well, this makes me sound crazy, but I’m okay with that. So take care of yourself.

    Love, Ben
    P.S. – I would have said “keep in touch”, but unfortunately we never were in touch.

    Love this show!!! Ben & Felicity the greatest love story 😍

  2. When you heard about JJ Abrams people always talk about Alias, Lost, Fringe, Star Trek new movies, Mission Impossible and Star Wars the Force Awakens… but Felicity was my first approach to J.J.

  3. my girlfriends called Felicity

  4. its very emotional all this scene

  5. dear felicity, shut up.

  6. I searched Felicity up just to see if anyone had made a video relating to my name, this series is great :3 But it's still a little awkward when you hear your name being said.

  7. So she’s a stalker. Okay.

  8. and Felicity snapped and became a Russian spy.

  9. I love this show so match! I watched it a 100 times, but over and over i can recognize myself in it!

  10. i was college when this aired on tv, now i am 36 and still watching this every now and then. one of the best tv series ever. love felicity and ben forever.

  11. I use to be that funny little black kid watching all those white tv shows lol

  12. Omg why did I never watch this show back in the day? I remember hearing about it but never got to it. Now that I’m 30 yrs old I am catching up and trying to watch the shows of the 90s. Feeling nostalgic 😩

  13. This is so great seeing this so many years later. I can’t believe how much things have changed and how much all the characters have gone through. It’s hard to believe that Felicity and Ben’s daughter just turned 13! And what they did with Sean and Andrea last season…I can’t wait until Season 21 starts in the Fall!

  14. She's a spy… Quick! Kill her!

  15. I love this scene soooo much!

  16. 2018 and I think I'm gonna watch this show

  17. Watching Felicity 🙂

  18. Im tryna catch up with this show on hulu its pretty good lol

  19. Imagine the showrunner gathers all the characters and films a sequel

  20. Why are we still here ?

  21. One of my favorite shows…They don't make them like this anymore. The WB was such a good channel

  22. Why are old shows so much better than current ones? Oh thats right, no politics shoved down your throat

  23. Wow. Not your average drama.
    We get to relive a moment in a sublime setting, with hints of wonder and awkwardness. Almost, a rebirth.

  24. I thought it was kind of psycho of her to follow him to NYU.

  25. This is the most iconic 90s thing for me

  26. I was 3 years old when this first aired and my mom absolutely loved this show. I remember when we were watching this together. Now I’m a college sophomore and I’m glad I found it 😊 it’s one of my favorite shows.

  27. Dear Felicity, I just finished watching four years of your show, and though we've never met, I now know you are probably the worst actress in the history of television.  I had seen you in Eight Days A Week and thought that must have ended your career, but I was wrong.  The more I get to know you, the more I pity what it must be like to have Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn for parents.  Your DNA was cursed from the moment you were born.  I do not hold this against you.  You were bred to be a horrible actress.

  28. In eighth grade, I admired my first crush all year, afraid to talk to her.  Near the end of the year, when I would deliberately get myself kicked out of math class to go home early, she'd be on the steps, and we'd talk.  On the last day of classes, she invited me to a group outing to Burger King because she was leaving before finals.  Our group of six wound down to just us, and as we were standing on the middle of Eighty-Third and Broadway, she smacked my first-ever kiss on my lips, surprising the heck out of me.  Still one of the best experiences of my life.  I then wrote her two love letters and got a "friendzone" letter in return (she later claimed my letters had been intercepted by her "protective" friend).  That September, she appeared in my history class with a big smile on my face, and my teacher needling me.  I pretended not to know her, concluding she was insane.  Best decision I ever made, but that first kiss had to be among the coolest ever.

  29. This show is like Dawson's Creek on steroids with a few black people thrown in.  If you want to hate yourself for being white, watch this.

  30. Amy Jo Johnson (in 1998) is the sexiest, most talented thing I have ever seen on screen.  She pulled off some major acting feats in this show, which was watchable until she left.  Thank God I didn't find this show until she almost turned fifty, or I'd have been majorly obsessed.  After she left, however, I was stuck with Russel and Scott "Whiskey Cavalier" Foley, the second-worst actor on television after Peter "911" and "The Catch" Krause.

  31. All dissing aside, the show worked because the friends never let each other down even during bad times, and everyone respected each other's privacy.  If they walked in on someone having sex they just ignored it.  Javier at his wedding said "Let's talk a lot so it's not so obvious we know" (that Ben and stalkerchick were having sex).   The Twilight Zone homage was awesome but for the most part I kept it on in the background while training at chess and would peek at it only when Julie had a scene.  The rest of the hotties were as vapid as I've ever seen.  Elena was too stereotypical and Shawn is the type of person no one should want for a friend.

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