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Nonton Enlightened: Season 1 – Trailer (HBO) Sub Indo

Enlightened: Season 1 – Trailer (HBO)

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Enlightened: Season 1 – Trailer (HBO)

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  1. the woman from Jurassic park!

  2. I love this! I mean it is one of my favorite TV series. Great story..

  3. I think you're a type of person who prefer to see a porn TV shows than who tackles a great sense of existence.

  4. As you said:more align with our intelligence and —highest self—-,Laura Dern is perfect,i'm at episode 5,but i'm seduce in the first 5 secondes on the first 😛

  5. She must have some sort of PTSD…..you know since escaping from Isla Nublar

  6. The people who dislike this series are completely dumb.
    You can pick up a LOT on this shit.

  7. So in HBO universe, sociopathic gunslingers = windswept and interesting, ethically-minded activists = hippy-dippy woo woos. I think I'll go and read a book.

  8. the dumbass haters in this comment section… one of the greatest shows in decades.

  9. give me my third season,hbo!

  10. I watched the entire first season in one night.  Working on the second season now!  I love this show.

  11. One of the best shows i have ever seen, HBO wasn't this good since 2005 and Laura Dern's performance is just amazing, i wish they'd renew this for a third season just like The Comeback

  12. great show, couldn't see anyone else playing that character so well, it might be a little too hippy-dippy for a lot of people that still say hippy-dippy though, oops

  13. those seeking truth can find it with this show………..the meaning of life is not unattainable…believe in urself

  14. would you put the full scene when laura dern says ill kill you to the guay in the elevator ant the guy almost sht in his pants?
    please a beg you!!!!

  15. i love this series so much. its a shame it got cancelled.

  16. The have a habit of cancelling great shows like The Comeback also…hopefully this will get picked up again like that did 9 years later!


  18. Laura Dern is great in this

  19. Just discovered this highly amazing well written, well acted series! Buying DVD for my mom for Christmas! Thank you amazon prime! 10/10

  20. The primary character is an egocentic piece of crap….typical Californian. Glad it was cancelled.

  21. Enlightened to experience it!

  22. Just started watching, on season 2 now. Amazing and creative.

  23. I just started getting into this series and found out it was actually cancelled! Sucks. Bring it back!

  24. It's sad that shows like this get trumped by other shows like Game of Thrones. I get the appeal, believe me, but the world needs Enlightened even more now than it did when it first premiered. HBO, you'll probably never read this comment, but if you do, maybe you'll find it in that big ol' heart of yours to bring this one back.

  25. Such an excellent series. Just excellent~!

  26. I only watched four episodes. I couldn't take it any more, it was brutal!

  27. God, how I love this show! Laura Dern, Diane Ladd…WOW!!! And that first scene of the pilot blows my mind every time. I wish this would have a comeback like The Comeback did! The actors were all phenomenal. I loved the snarky co-workers "upstairs" and the ones in the basement, too. They were so realistic in terms of the "winners" and the "losers" we all find in offices and schools and everywhere in life. I could go on and on. I haven't even gotten into the themes of the show…

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