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Nonton East Of Main Street: Asians Aloud Trailer (HBO) Sub Indo

East Of Main Street: Asians Aloud Trailer (HBO)

In celebration of Asian Heritage Month, HBO presents a collection of perspectives from a diverse group of Asian Americans. Available on HBO ON DEMAND this May.


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  1. i think we still have a long way to go.

  2. @KenNaNa2k then are japanese pacific islanders as well?

  3. @KenNaNa2k then are japanese pacific islanders as well?

  4. when i filled out the census the philippines was in the category of asian. imo pacific islanders are would be like hawaiians and samoans. geographically, isn't the philippines is a part of the southeast asian reigoin? japan is a bunch of islands like the philippines, but why doesn't this argument include them. they would be pacific islanders as well then.

  5. It's hard, being a different ethnicity and having to grow up with a family who believes that they could run their life perfectly fine in their social structures-in America- because it's a free country. I just wish I was considered an American, sometimes, just because I am who I am. I was born and raised in America so I consider myself American. Is that not right? :

  6. @ChefRomeo1 I am very sorry to hear that. At least in my school, there are more than thousands of students and faculties who are so passionate to study and find out what American Identity is…Including my Filipino friends..

  7. when will or was this be on? i have comcast if anyone knows that would be great

  8. @jjaeger27
    It's playing now until the end of this month. For Comcast subscribers, you can watch it free if you go to Top Picks on Comcast On Demand and then in the folder Asian Entertainment under Specials.

  9. I watched this documentary and it was very good and informative about Asian americans. I particulairly loved the two gentlemen at the end of this documentary and how they explained people confused them when they looked nothing alike. Height, weight, facial features and they passed for each other in america.

  10. i second. third. and fourth that comment. WHY ARE THERE NO FILIPINOS REPRESENTED IN THIS DOC??? WTF!

  11. I hope you get the whole point to the documentary instead of complaining why your ethnicity is not represented in it .. I mean, it doesn't mean it is ignorant to your ethnicity, it just happened to choose 14 Asians and none of them is from your ethnicitiy.Get over it.

  12. @fordham77 This year's "East of Main Street" has Filipinos massively represented! It's live now on HBO On Demand! Apl.de.ap and Willy Santos are in it!

  13. @michaelmina Check out this year's show to see Filipinos represented!

  14. @13stepsto This year's "East of Main Street" has Willy Santos and Apl.de.ap – both Filipinos!

  15. YES!!! Filipinos ARE Asian… so get over it. The Philippine Island Nation is just a hop, skip & jump south of Taiwan & north of Malaysia & to the West sits the S. China Sea. Hong Kong is a 1 1/2 flight from Manila. Hawaii, Somoa & Tonga are FAR from the Philippines. the Ph

  16. @13stepsto flips are like mexicans

  17. oh maaaaan I wish I could've seen this!

  18. why don't you tell that to black and white people who will bever accept us Asians as Americans.

  19. WOW. After two years you guys still don't get what I was saying. Youtube commenters take everything in the worst possible way. What @iMPERiOUS said IS what I was saying. They just phrased it better. I love all the cultural communities here. Personally, I cannot be classified in one culture. You would have to call me Irish-Scottish-English-German-Norwegian-Cherokee-American. That would be ridiculous. You would just call me "white" or "Caucasian" and I hate that. I just want to be called American.

  20. Continued: I don't think it's necessary to label every American I meet. All the people that won't accept you are idiots. Don't worry about them. You don't need people to accept you to know who you are. In the same way you don't need a label to know you're Vietnamese, African, Chinese, Indian, German, etc.

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