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Nonton Dumb Baby – black-ish Sub Indo

Dumb Baby – black-ish

Scene from black-ish Season 4, Episode 6 “Advance To Go (Collect $200)”


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  1. Damnnnnn I can't handle Earl and Ruby😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Isn't this from last season?

  3. Dre nd bow has d cutest kids .. really.
    Its like d makes of this series picked d most beautiful nd cutest gals nd boys to b der children.

  4. Omg…Monopoly is all out war in my family. Flipping tables, stealing from the banker, illegally building hotels, side deals. We only play once every few years because we need to recover.

  5. I love this serie!it's smart, it's funny. (Fan From Tunisia)

  6. 0:46 My damn PARENTS!

    lol savages.

    "Dumb baby.." lol..

  7. This is why I gave up playing Monopoly a long time ago. Only inexperienced players think it's just a game. The only thing you could play that is worse than Monopoly is Spades. Did they ever make an episode playing that?

  8. Monopoly ain't no joke. Marvin Gardens got 2 Hotels, mayne. Where is my MONTEYYYYSSS!!! I can't get nobody to play monopoly anymore. This game will break up families and cause rifts and divisions that will ripple through future generations.

  9. monopoly….been tearing up black families since 1919 lol

  10. Dre is a terrible father

  11. We want our money mehn!😂

  12. This is why I don't play monopoly with my family anymore

  13. #fuckyourworstdad cause that dad sayed that the kid is a dumb baby

  14. Lil dude was on Childish Gambino’s song right? Terrified

  15. i've never played monopoly before

  16. Why was Bow being so rude to Junior's girlfriend Megan in this episode?

  17. "WEE WAANT OUUR MONEY MAAAN" gets me every time😂😂😂😂

  18. Not sure the line is in there but, "I love black Monopoly!" "Don't say that again."

  19. What did he mean that statistically short line is worthless without the other three rail roads? Is it because there's a higher chance of someone landing on the railroad if he has the other three? But wouldn't that be the case with almost any card?

  20. Not once in my life have my family and I ever finished this game. After hours and hours of playing we'd eventually just give up

  21. LOLL black people are serious about their cards and board games 😂

  22. This is so funny and so good

  23. We want our money man
    The baby looks confused
    I swear to god lil boy

  24. Between uno and Monopoly those are the worst in our family

  25. Naw, wheres the rest? You gotta play this scene all the way out

  26. Ahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!

  27. This is me and my big black FAM every Friday

  28. I love to play uno, phase 10, and monopoly in my family. The game will last all night and people will be screaming at each other even after the game is over.

  29. I’m the Dad 😂 and the grandparents. “He’s gotta learn to play on his own!”

  30. how can I get to watch the full movie #Little I have failed to find the full movie

  31. The flashback had me in tears 😂 I was cracking up too hard "WE WANT OUR MONEY, MAN!"

  32. Monopoly tears family apart last time I played we lost someone

  33. Where have been all my life 💃💃💕💕💕I love this movie so😊so 😊🤗much

  34. Monopoly bores me coz I never get to buy Mayfair plus am always going to jail😂😂😂😂

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