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Nonton Dre Loses It – black-ish Sub Indo

Dre Loses It – black-ish

Scene from black-ish Season 4, Episode 6 “Advance To Go (Collect $200)”


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  1. Gimme… my… money!!!!

  2. This is a funny show! Well except when it’s blatantly racist…that’s not so funny. Then again I guess we should believe that blacks can say openly racist things but when they do it’s just funny right???

  3. U no black people mad once they start walking back and forth.

  4. "Dumb baby?" Do they not respect their parents? or elders?

  5. And this is monopoly is a cut throt bordgame!

  6. 1:06 whats the name of that effect where it looks like its zooming in on anthony and out at the same time on the background.

  7. That's one of my favorite lines, every time Jack says, " Playboy", he sounds hella funny plus he's little.

  8. My absolute favorite episode!

  9. This episode covers redlining and when black peoples get success they forget where they come from then the other black people try to take them down

  10. Bow's expressions are priceless!

  11. That was straight up collusion on the little mans end. I feel for you Dre

  12. 0:35 he look like he bout to slide someone

  13. I sort of felt bad for Dre.
    My dad & mom would've whooped me if I spoke to him like this😂

  14. Who knew Jack could be so unbelievably scary.

  15. extremely racist hateful and unlike your believe in this Donald Trump has a ton of friends and family and a military to back him before after and during his presidency

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