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Nonton Dr. Han Moves Shaun to Pathology – The Good Doctor Sub Indo

Dr. Han Moves Shaun to Pathology – The Good Doctor

Dr. Han tells Shaun he is being moved to the pathology department.


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  1. Someone did not to get their daily dose of rice-a-zepam

  2. Where's deckard shaw when you need him…

  3. Wow didnt think i could have hated a charcter that fast

  4. Is this show still following the k drama or has it broken off into its own show now?

  5. At first I thought I Dr Han was a prick for moving Murphy to pathology but rewatching the scene where Dr Han confronts him about telling the parents that the antidepressants could have caused the baby's problems, the part where Dr Han realised Shaun didn't understand the nature of the discussion before he arrived and after. That's what sealed Shaun's fate

  6. To be honest I want to jump into the screen and punch Dr Han in the face

  7. Has no one in this damn show heard of an ADA suit before. 60% of this show is about people actively discriminating against or harassing Shaun for his disability. Someone get a decent lawyer in there and burn that damn hospital to the ground with the law.

  8. It broke my heart when I seen him being sent to Pathology because of the idiot who who sent Shawn there

  9. Get Rid of Dr. Han, I’ve watched two shows now and he doesn’t fit in with the others.

  10. Everyone hates Dr Han. He is a good actor.

  11. There's nothing wrong with being in pathology, and there is nothing glorified about being in surgery. All branches of the hospital work together for the common goal: improving patient's health outcomes.

    Some of you folks need to get a reality check instead of just virtue signaling. This isn't about representation. You can't have a surgeon with poor bedside manner. Shaun is far better suited for pathology. Dr. Han is actually making the right decision here.

  12. As much as I love this show, it's gotten way too relatable for me to watch. I, like Shaun, have an ASD. Because of that, I've had people only see me for my condition and not who I am as an overall person, focusing more on my weaknesses rather than my strengths and trying to tell me what I can and can't do. I have been rejected from a lot of opportunities to grow as a person because of this. I always believed this reason stemmed from people having little to no knowledge on the spectrum, and rather than choosing to learn about how to deal with someone like me, they decide they want nothing to do with me. This has caused me to be afraid of disclosing my ASD to other people.

  13. 💪💪💞👀💞🍀


  15. Oh shut up. Your bias against him before you met him that's not fare to judging him based on the medical point of view of a doctor to a patient not a doctor to doctor that's not fair. Really this guy gets on my nerves. Act like a f**** professional if you can't then f*** off.

  16. He just ignores that you need to talk to patients to properly diagnose them. Charts and test won't give a full picture. And his condescending "I'm helping you" bs makes me want to smack him!

  17. Fuck you han ,you are a pain the ass.

  18. I appreciated this scene so much. The emotional stuff about him having autism n people treating him nice n being considerate n he working hard on communication is alright, but seriously, u can't get better from it. It is not some disease or injury from which u recover by hardwork n support or medicine. It is the hardwiring of the human brain. Dr. Han was never prejudiced against Shaun's medical skills n really appreciated his skills as a top class doctor which is why the hospital took Shaun in the first place. He really messed up with the patient's parents and that is not something he can learn from as he can't feel guilty as he can't technically learn n adapt to the emotion of a social skill. As chief of surgery, you have to look beyond a doctor's skills but also how they make the patients and their loved ones feel as confident as possible.

  19. The whole reason for watching the show was him as a surgeon. The show was based on him. I won't be watching anymore.

  20. What an asshole, not only was Dr. Han being a dick, he was also abusing his power and being pretentious. Even though he’s a successful surgeon it was still Dr. Hans first day on the job and he thinks he has that authority right out the gate?!?

  21. Dr Han SUCKS!! Just saying. He needs to go!!

  22. Shaun shouldn't put up with Dr Han, cause he deserves better!!

  23. Dr Han has such a smug arrogance!

  24. My heart breaks for him They won't consider him to be a sergeant due to his disability on

  25. Bruh where in tf was I at this whole time ? I had Hulu plus and all and didn’t realize they made more episodes ever since quarantine

  26. Peguei raiva desse medico novo.

  27. Han: You'd be a better fit in pathology.
    Me: NO HE WON'T!!!
    Shawn: I'm a surgical resident.
    Han: You WERE a surgical resident.
    Me: Bawling my eyes out

  28. I'm so happy Dr. Han got fired bitch

  29. In all honesty, Dr Han is right.

  30. Idk why Shaun is being a baby, Pathology is great! You get to be both scientist and a doctor

  31. Oh, Jin… Sun would be so mad at this

  32. This absolutely broke me. To go through four years of medical school to landing your match for somebody to try to ruin your accomplishment and hard work like that 😡👹🤬. F you Dr. Han!

  33. Dr. Han needs music (noise)to concentrate, Dr. Shaun needs quiet. I'd rather get surgery from the good doctor who isn't distracting his co-workers.

  34. Ive been searching for that song but i still cant find it so if you know what it is plz tell me because just searching the lyrics dont work at all

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