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Nonton DC’s Best Of The Week | Week 20 | The CW Sub Indo

DC’s Best Of The Week | Week 20 | The CW

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DC’s Best Of The Week | Week 20 | The CW

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  1. Please provide cw app in India not showing in app store

  2. Flash won this week. Best episode of the season. Flashtime was great for a filler but this episode wasn't filler and therefore took the overall season and it's story to a better place and had more of emotional impact. They did everything right that episode. Even down to soundtrack. Episode hits you right in your feelings. Mad props. I think they may have saved the season.

  3. Flash: Fight it Ralph! Fight it! I'll save you!

    Elongated Man: You already did Barry.

  4. So dark…. you sure your not from the dc universe?

    Oh wait… wrong video

  5. They better bring Ralph back

  6. Black Siren Is amazing….

  7. #SaveRalphDibney
    Actually though i dont like it that he died and there better be a way for the team to bring him back somehow- hopefully

  8. About time some says this! That Arrow episode "The Dragon" along with "Brothers in Arms" didn't premiere on Thursday like they said. Can anybody vouch for me?

  9. Keep up the great work CW, enjoyed them all,especially Black Lightning.Looking forward for next seasons on all 👍😎

  10. Arrow is my personal favourite show but come on what's up with this dodgy season lol

  11. Arrow won the week for me. Action was great. Kirk Acevado had his best episode. Diaz and Laurel actually have great chemistry. Am I the only one who actually finds them cute together?

  12. Didn't see Black Lighting episode yet but the other 3 go like this
    1. Supergirl (the best as always, no absurds and contradictions as in other shows)
    2. Flash (the guy who is fast enough to do so many things after nuke is detonated can't take out a vilain and save the person in a car, just one example of absurd)
    3. Arrow (no hope while there is still Curtis, Dinah and Rene bullshit in it. Who cares about Diaz and the city as long as there is no team Arrow, right Curtis?.)

  13. Still think BL isn't a part of the Arrow Verse?

  14. Bring back Killer Frost you absolute morons! She was the best character since last season in entire Arrowverse, the only saving grace of terrible Flash season 3. It's really mind boggling how much they mistreat Caitlin/Frost.

  15. It's a shame The Dragon has been reduced to the 'redemption vehicle'(worst development ever….), seriously Arrow, Ollie's my favorite hero, but you're grinding my gears.

  16. Omg I only came for the flash!!!!!!

  17. "You already did barry" is when stopped watching and saddened

  18. Did Barry use the super sonic punch from season 1

  19. I can’t wait for the 100!!

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