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Nonton DC’s Best Of The Week | Week 19 | The CW Sub Indo

DC’s Best Of The Week | Week 19 | The CW

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DC’s Best Of The Week | Week 19 | The CW

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  1. Praise Lord Jashin oops I meant Beebo revere him 🙏

  2. Beebo and prometheus true best of this week

  3. Is there any Beebo merch yet?

  4. Beebo is one of the best things to happen in the arrowverse

  5. Okay the Arrow writers must have seen the hype of Green Arrow back-2-basics, please remember this, we don't need a highly toxic, soap-style drama, with dozens of heroes on a team, we need 1 hero, with a mission.

    Allow Ollie to move to Seattle with his family(a big comic-based suggestion) so he can get back to basics.

  6. Black Lightning and Arrow

  7. Arrow
    Black Lightning
    Izombie < that is also Dc

  8. Chase is so badass! :*)

  9. Let us pray and say thanks for our lord and savior, BEEBO!!!!

  10. franchement j'adore les chaines américaines


  12. I missed you jax. I love you so much! 😭

  13. the gods of arrowverse : beebo and chase

  14. Dc legeends is becoming to much of a comedy. They have produced season 1 and 2 quite well with the storyline.
    I've recently seen this episode and I'm quite surprised.
    I was expecting something more entertaining than this. I just hope season 4 would bring a little bit more tension. 👍

  15. Enjoyed them all.Thank you CW 👍😎

  16. I hope you guys can bring Constantine back

  17. How I would rate this week's episodes.
    1. Legends of Tomorrow
    2. Arrow
    3. Black Lightning
    4. The Flash

  18. I think arrow is doing awesome this season!!🔥🔥

  19. i have a little flash request, maybe you should make barry (grant) to ask thawne for help. or make thawne ask to rejoin team flash strictly as an observer until his help is needed.

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