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Nonton DC’s Best Of The Week | Week 18 | The CW Sub Indo

DC’s Best Of The Week | Week 18 | The CW

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DC’s Best Of The Week | Week 18 | The CW

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  1. Love it!!! Especially arrow and flash!💕

  2. Where's the flash????

  3. Arrow's worst season ever! Poor choice in villains, poor execution, poor choice in writing. Literally no reason to keep you tuned in each week. A complete and utter disappointment

    Bringing Roy back felt like a cheap trick to get ratings. Why did the bring him back just to send him home? And what's worse is he never even suited up(not in the suit he should have been in) or get to do anything cool. Just a cheap trick for ratings and bringing the League back felt like another cheap trick since they were down played so much in favor of the soap opera drama that they felt more like a nuisance than an actual threat. Completely ridiculous the way they were written and the way that entire episode was written. Just cheap tricks to get your hopes up and then completely take them away leaving you feeling robbed and cheated. That's how I felt. Totally excited and looking forward to the show when they brought back Roy for a somewhat decent episode and then excited again for the League but then completely disappointed with the way they it was executed. Very poorly executed writing and show running.

    All that being said this has been the worst season of Arrow ever. Season 4 wasn't great but at least it had a great villain and an eventful storyline that made it worth watching. it was a masterpiece in comparison to season 6. Season 5 however actually was a masterpiece and hopefully they can return to that former glory.

  4. Wheres the Flash again?!?!?!

  5. Riverdale, The Flash and Supergirl >>>

  6. Okay what? You show Curtis' lame vigilante reveal, instead of Oliver and Diggle's intense argument. That argument leading up to their fight was one of the best scenes this season.

  7. I gave up on Arrow. Go Legends.

  8. Really? THAT was best of Arrow? I don't know how all this stuff is determined, but Oliver and Diggle's argument was, hands down, the best part about "Brothers In Arms"

  9. CW Seed has finally made it to DC Best of The Week video LOLOLOL

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